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Altova MapForce Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive piece of software that provides mapping, conversion and ETL features when it comes to data manipulation. It works with XML, XBRL, Excel, databases, EDI, JSON, flat files and web services.
Data mapping options are accessible through a user-friendly graphical interface that contains many practical settings for viewing, transforming and executing not only separate mappings but also intricate projects. The UI makes it possible to easily define the mapping modules, specify functions and filters, as well as to make associations between source and target formats by dragging connectors.
Information can be imported from files with various formats, as previously mentioned, thanks to the fact that data is integrated automatically by the MapForce Server. All this can be done without having to write code.
As far as data processing functions are concerned, you can quickly convert data, perform math calculations, use advanced operators like Boolean and string conversions, use sequence and db functions, indicate filters, conditions, variables and parameters, and work with database functions on SQL or SQL/XML.
Additional features can be explored for XML, EDI or XBRL mapping, JSON data transformation, creating data mapping documentation and execution files for MapForce Server, and so on.







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Altova MapForce Enterprise Edition

As the saying goes, there is nothing so good as being indispensable. And so it is with PivotTable solutions: They make you indispensable in your company’s business. Altova’s PivotTable solutions allow you to create interactive, real-time dashboards, rich presentations, and customized, interactive reports on a single data source, and they come with a comprehensive set of pre-built tools for calculating, joining, filtering, grouping, and aggregating.

Customize your data queries in sophisticated ways, and then create interactive dashboards with dynamic visualizations and dashboards that are derived from a single data source, whether it be Excel, XML, CSV, or any other file format. PivotTable solutions enable you to transform data and create interactive, real-time views of any data source.

Powerful Presentation Creation Tools. Show your dashboards in a more visual way with our intuitive, pre-built presentation templates. Choose from over a dozen templates, some of which include bar charts, pie charts, and gauges. You can also customize the templates with your own graphical assets or embed existing Powerpoint files.

Most data is saved as flat files. But with PivotTable solutions, you can retrieve and transform them into a relational database, which makes them much more useful. You can explore the data with SQL and XQuery for SQL Server, XLT for Oracle, and XQuery for SQL Server. Then you can create reports from this structured data using the SQL Server, Oracle, and SQL Server Reporting Services.

Exchange E-Mail to Excel with Altova Application Programming Interface (API) for Excel. This Excel plug-in enables you to easily convert e-mail messages, spreadsheet documents, and custom data types into standard.xlsx files for exchange via the built-in Microsoft Outlook client. The API makes it easy for you to work with XML, XBRL, Excel, CSV, and other data types, and to work with financial and inventory databases.

Simplify daily business processes with clean, professional reports that cut through data clutter. With PivotTable solutions, you can create clean, intuitive reports and presentations, whether the data is presented in rows, columns, or a grid format. With the PivotTable solution, you can build precise reports with the data that you need without wasting time on data preparation, transformation, and data model creation.

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– Convert from XML or XBRL to any other format
– Mapping parameters can be controlled
– Convert to any file type
– Perform math calculations
– Use sequence functions
– Concatenate attributes
– Copy data from database to database
– Copy from database to file
– Query database fields
– Copy data from file to database
– Read data from file in any format
– Export to file
– Export to EDI format
– Export to XBRL format
– Export to JSON format
– Batch conversion from XBRL to JSON
– Batch mapping from XML to any other format
– Set complex filters for source and target formats
– Convert data from flat files
– Filtering with many conditions
– Filter data and map data
– Map tables from flat files
– Sequencing of data
– Use filters to map data
– Map data from database
– Map data from XML
– Map data to database
– Map XML to XML
– Use parameters
– Get information from a field
– Filter by information from a field
– Use variables
– Query from string
– Generate some mapping projects

Altova MapForce Ultimate Edition – is an impressive suite of tools that allows you to perform feature-rich tasks like data conversion, data mapping, data transformation, and data synchronization. It’s made of several tools, with a user-friendly interface that makes the software fun to use.
The mappings provided include XBRL, XML, EDI, XSD, CSV, CSV, and JSON. All this can be performed with a clean, intuitive graphical interface.
In the areas of data conversion and mapping, advanced functionality is provided, allowing you to set complex rules for mapping, to concatenate attributes, to copy data from the database to the database, and to copy data from the database to a file.
The capabilities of the programs allow performing data synchronization between all common formats, and working with databases and flat files. Data conversion can be done with complete confidence, and data mapping can be done for XML, XBRL, and EDI.
Altova MapForce Ultimate Edition – gives you all this for free and even more. There are plenty of other tools to help you perform complex tasks, for instance data comparison, storing and loading information, showing data analysis, and so on.

Data Integration Services:
Precise mining of data and its visualization
The primary focus of Altova Data Integration Suite

Altova MapForce Enterprise Edition Crack+ With Serial Key Free

MapForce Enterprise Edition supports XML, XBRL, Excel, databases, EDI, JSON, flat files and web services. It is the only application that can automatically transform, filter and process large amounts of data inside and out of any type of data file, any database, or any online mapping data repository.
The solution integrates mapping modules with valuable features, business intelligence and existing link connections between the different data formats. Altova MapForce Enterprise Edition can also create custom transformation modules that can be stored in the programming repository to be reused later with little effort.
Data types can be converted within a single module. For example, you can turn WGS84 shapefiles into EPSG4326 WGS84 and XML into XBRL. This software is efficient with large amounts of data. It can process thousands of files in seconds or even minutes for databases, and transform and filter hundreds of thousands of files in seconds or minutes.
Conversion and transformation results can be exported to Word, Excel, PDF or XML format. The conversion results can also be displayed in interactive maps and charts. The results can also be saved to a file on the fly.
The Altova MapForce Enterprise Edition can be used for mapping of various formats, including GML, WMS, ESRI, ArcGIS, data mapping and business intelligence. It allows one-way and two-way data conversion.
The main features of Altova MapForce Enterprise Edition include: XML and XBRL mapping, data transformation, conversion, filtering, functions, variables, parameters and connectors.
Comments of users:
Reviewed by John, on 1/16/2017 5:20 PM
This software is excellent and the best program you will ever use. I’ve used other software that is great but not as versatile as this software. I love the fact that I can work with web services.This software is excellent and the best program you will ever use. I’ve used other software that is great but not as versatile as this software. I love the fact that I can work with web services.

Response from Altova Software, on 4/4/2017 4:50 PM

Thanks for choosing Altova MapForce Enterprise Edition as your mapping software. We are happy that this mapping solution is useful for your business.

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Reviewed by Pedro, on 4/9/2017 12:28 PM
It has a lot of tools but the main is the most important, It makes you perfrom a transformation or a

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