ATA Shotguns

ATA is a very traditional brand that brings new technology in to practice, we here at Mickley Hall Shooting School are proud to be ATA main dealers and have demo guns to try out on our range at all times and if we have not got it we will do our best to get it for you to try. We stock many ATA models but because of the size of its range cannot stock them all but can order you any model any time. We are here to help, ask us anything.


ATA SP Black, Nickel, Bronze, and White are all the same gun just with a different colour action for the same price. This 12 gauge shotgun comes with 3 inch chamber with 24 inch, 26 inch, 28 inch, 30 inch barrels, multi-choked as standard with Full, IM, M, IC, SK, as standard. The SP comes with a standard steel action but a light alloy action is an optional extra, a single selective trigger is also standard on the SP. The stock is a mat oil walnut  which is a really nice stock for this price range. The weight of the SP is around 3.2kg but the light alloy version is a very light 2.8kg you would hardly know you were carrying it.

Over all the SP Black is one of the best selling 12 bores on the market, imported from Turkey along with many others of the new brands that have visited our shores in recent times but this one I feel is the best overall. The SP has very traditional lines and style and from 20 yards you could not tell the difference from many of the Italian more expensive brands. Will this gun stand as much action as its Italian or German opposition probably not but at this price it does not need too, and will give you many years shooting fun and not be so harsh on the pocket.

Standard RRP £599

Adjustable RRP £689

ATA White

ATA Nickle ATA Bronze ATA Black