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The current version of AutoCAD is AutoCAD 2020, released in February 2019, and is now available for a lifetime subscription or annual subscription. AutoCAD is delivered via an online download, mobile apps, or a CD. The cost of the software varies depending on the software, the number of users, and the number of features.

AutoCAD is sometimes sold as a time-sharing service, where the end user pays a flat rate for a set amount of time that may be month-to-month or annual. This is often referred to as “renting a seat”. Users typically only pay for the time they use (working time, not idle time). An additional charge is often made for the number of concurrent sessions for time-sharing. The charge is typically based on the hourly rate the user is paying for the seat. For example, a project user may pay a flat rate of $250 per seat per month for a set amount of time. A maximum number of concurrent sessions may be granted for this seat.

AutoCAD remains a popular CAD tool that is used by many architecture, engineering, construction, and landscape architecture firms. For example, the 2013-2014 State of the Industry Report from the Autodesk Customer Experience Team showed that the average AutoCAD license is about $1,540 USD, and is used by 73% of architecture, engineering, and construction companies, with the vast majority of users in the US.

AutoCAD 2020-19.3.1

AutoCAD 2020 Release

AutoCAD 20.2 includes nearly 200 new features. The most notable among them are the following:

• Support for 64-bit system architecture

• Support for 64-bit 2D drawings

• Revisions to the Drawing toolbar and ribbon

• New feature packs and updates to existing ones

• New Feature Packs

• Live documentation

• New and enhanced toolbars

• Redesigned user interface (UI)

• Improved 2D, 3D, and graphics (shape) creation and editing

• Enhanced 2D, 3D, and graphics (shape) editing

• Enhanced 2D, 3D, and graphics (path) editing

• Added functionality to the Properties palette

• Added functionality to the History palette

• Added functionality to the command palette

• Added functionality to the Info palette

• Added functionality to the document setup

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AutoCAD LT is a smaller version of AutoCAD, with a different user interface and some other functional differences. It was released in 2004, and is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. In 2007, Autodesk bought the rights to AutoCAD LT and developed AutoCAD LT for Mac (originally released on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger in December 2008). The system runs on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

AutoCAD applications
AutoCAD apps, also known as add-ons, provide a range of tools and functionalities to suit specific project needs. These vary from basic office support such as day-to-day editing, to advanced visualization tools, and even some that focus on the topological analysis of objects in AutoCAD.

Day-to-day editing
AutoCAD adds and edits features based on the current drawing state. Edits are stored in the drawing history and are available for redrawing, zooming, or navigating the drawing. AutoCAD supports a wide range of features for drawing, including:
Revisions: providing a way to store and load drawing states and share them among multiple users.
Navigate: provides a simple method to navigate through drawings and other drawings.
Object manipulations: such as copying, inserting and renaming objects, creating multiple instances of the same object, etc.

Advanced visualization
Vector and bitmap scaling: is used to create and manipulate scaling of vector and bitmap images.
Mapping: allows the integration of external applications into AutoCAD by mapping the objects on the screen.
Fusion: is a software application for integrating other CAD packages within AutoCAD.
Modeling: tools to transform 3D objects into 2D drawings, making it easier to visualize and understand them in 2D.

Topology is the set of features allowing the analysis of the 3D objects in a drawing. It enables the user to explore the geometric properties of the objects in the drawing, their relationships, connectivity, and connections with other objects.

Scripting is the ability of users to interact with AutoCAD to automate routine tasks. AutoLISP (Autodesk’s AutoLISP) is an internal scripting language embedded in AutoCAD and allows users to write scripts for AutoCAD using the same syntax of a standard programming language. Scripts can be shared with other users, and can be reused in different projects.

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How to purchase Autodesk + Licensing
If you have already purchased a subscription for Autodesk + Licensing then use the Autodesk License Manager to activate your products.

1. Go to Autodesk License Manager
1.1. Click on the “Autodesk License Manager” link
1.2. Click on the “Autodesk License Manager Login” link in the window
1.3. Enter your login and password
1.4. You will be redirected to the Autodesk License Manager. Click on “My subscription” to view your account information
1.5. Click on “Payments” to view your payment history
1.6. Click on “My Account” to view your license information

2. Click on the “Order Product” link
2.1. Enter your billing and shipping information
2.2. Click on “Confirm order” to proceed to the payment page

3. Click on “Continue” to create a new order

4. Select the products you want to buy and add them to the shopping cart

5. To check your order status, you can choose your preferred shipping method. To change the payment method, you need to log in to your Autodesk Account.

6. Click on “View Order” to proceed to the “Payment” page.

7. Choose your preferred payment method and enter the appropriate payment information. You can use your credit card or bank account to complete the payment.

8. Click on “Confirm” to process the payment

9. The payment will be immediately processed and you will receive an order confirmation

10. Wait for the confirmation email

11. Click on the “View Order” link to view the confirmation email


What’s New In?

Export to the cloud:

Send files to cloud-based collaborative workflows using the new document- and content-aware export.

Support for web-based viewing:

Visit your designs in the browser with a wide range of viewing options.

Efficient desktop design:

New and improved design and edit tools simplify everyday tasks. Find and correct new features quickly and easily using improved search and improved categories.

Unparalleled speed:

Excels at making it fast to do things in AutoCAD. All of the new features work fast in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Enhanced file compression:

Save the space on your hard drive by compressing files at the same time you export them.

New versions of the file formats:

New versions of AutoLISP, IDL and LISP enable new features in Autodesk Inventor.

Supports the latest and greatest CAD standards:

Get the benefits of new features and standards with Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD LT, and AutoCAD, including support for advanced 2D drawings, 3D models, section and exploded views, and more.

Compatible with the latest technology:

Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD LT, and AutoCAD are built on stable, powerful and scalable technology that will support the latest technology needs of your design team.

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There are many features in AutoCAD that you use on a daily basis, but do you know which feature is most useful for you? You can learn about these features in many different ways and pick the one that’s best for you.

In this first of four posts, you will learn about the different AutoCAD features and how to use them. In the coming days, we will share tips and tricks for using the features you want and how to use them for maximum efficiency.

Today, we’ll cover Markup Assist and Markup Import. The tutorials are meant to help you understand how to use the features, but the good news is, it’s easy to learn and use.

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