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AutoCAD 2017

To get started with AutoCAD 2017, please install the Autodesk Autodesk, Inc. provides various CAD software products, including AutoCAD, for various platforms and operating systems.

Getting Started with AutoCAD

AutoCAD is usually the CAD program of choice for 3D modeling and drafting, and other AutoCAD-based software, including AutoCAD LT, PowerCAD, and Fusion 360. AutoCAD LT is a free, downloadable CAD program, based on AutoCAD, designed for beginners and is the CAD program used in the classroom to teach AutoCAD drafting to newcomers. For more information on AutoCAD LT, please visit the Autodesk website.

To download AutoCAD, please visit Autodesk’s website. Note that there are two licenses available: Basic and Extended.


The Basic version of AutoCAD is free for personal or commercial use.


The Extended version of AutoCAD is also free for personal or commercial use.

AutoCAD LT is a free version of AutoCAD that can be used to build working drawings and share with others. You can start with a blank drawing, add components, and connect the components with lines, arcs, splines, text, and blocks. To download and install AutoCAD LT, please visit the Autodesk website.

What’s New in AutoCAD 2017

AutoCAD 2017 includes the following new features:

Added native support for drafting speed with draftbox offset.

Added native support for 2D drafting with stereometric (u-v) points.

Added native support for 2D drafting with tangent lines.

Added native support for 3D drafting with geometry.

Added native support for 3D drafting with surface and solid modeling.

Added native support for 3D drafting with drawings.

Added native support for 3D printing.

Added native support for AutoCAD 360.

Added native support for legacy (RIS) tools, functions, and commands.

Enhanced the user interface.

Improved the 2D and 3D editing experience.

Improved the performance.

Improved the components for fillet and chamfer operations.

Improved the accuracy and the precision of the drafting lines and surfaces.

Improved the ergonomics of the drawing area

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Open Object Drawing, a file format specification for sharing 3D drawing information between applications

AutoCAD contains the following add-on modules:

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I’ve just installed the latest version (2011) on Windows 7 SP1 x64, and it worked without any problems.


Autodesk did a recent update to the 2010 Chinese edition and it is now available.
AutoCAD 2010 Chinese Edition for Windows can be downloaded from this link (alternative link).

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Interactive PDF:

View and annotate any PDF. Or import it as interactive PDF to create a rich interaction with your design.

Re-draw for the new release:

AutoCAD released the first release candidate of the new AutoCAD 2023 (RC1). This release represents a major milestone in our product development and is packed with new features to enhance your design, test, and delivery process.

You can check out the Release Notes and the Download Center. If you have any feedback or questions, please visit the Ask the Experts forum.

*NOTE: A login ID and password are required to access the online forums. If you do not have one, you can create an account. Click here to sign up for an account or here to create an account. Once your account is active, click here to login. If you have any questions, please contact support.

Updates in this release

New tool


Simplify your production process. Access PowerMapping for a quick, easy, and efficient way to visually organize and edit layers of AutoCAD objects.

Change tracking:

Changes are always a good thing. Set alerts on changes for anyone or yourself, and automatically reconcile the changes against the drawing before you commit them.

Markup Copy:

Make custom marks available across multiple AutoCAD documents with the Markup Copy tool.

Line Style properties:

Line style properties are now available in the Tabs group.

New commands


Placing a caption or description on the drawing and marking a specific location in the drawing are simple ways to provide context for your drawing. But often, the location of your annotations and captions isn’t as significant as the intent of what you’re showing. Use the AutoSize command to place annotations on the drawing with more information and context.

Curve annotation:

With the Curve annotation tool, mark a curve and place annotations at the center of the curve or on one of the end points. If you move the cursor to select an annotation, the curve will change its curvature to match the selection.

Go to shape tool:

Use the Go to Shape tool to specify a generic shape that you can quickly create any number of copies of.

Macro Assistant:

Save time with the new AutoCAD Macro Assistant. Save time with AutoC

System Requirements:

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