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This page includes a list of features and capabilities of AutoCAD Crack Free Download, available via the menus of the current release of AutoCAD. This list is in alphabetical order and will be updated regularly.

AutoCAD File Types: When drawing, importing or exporting data from AutoCAD, you must be aware of the type of data file you are generating. If you are outputting to an AutoCAD file, make sure you are outputting to a DWG file, even if you have chosen to save in another format (e.g. DWF). If you are saving to an older file format (e.g. DXF or DGN), make sure the file type you choose is compatible.

Note: It is important to note that all new files will be saved in the.dwg file format, which is now the default.

System Conversion: Conversion of data from one file type to another may require some form of conversion. Common conversion types are batch conversions from a CSV file (i.e. import from Excel), and batch conversions from an old file format to the new format. The old file format is often.dwf,.dgn or.dxf.

Batch Conversion: A batch conversion is a multi-step process in which data is converted to or from a new file format. To convert data from an old file format to the new file format, you need to:

Open the.dwf,.dgn or.dxf file

Ensure the options are set to match the new file format

Open the.dwg file you wish to convert

From within the.dwg file, select Export to DWG for the Data Management window, and save

From the Export to DWG menu, choose As DWG or As DXF, and choose your desired format

Managing Drawings: Managing drawings within AutoCAD is an essential skill and is a way of organising your work. In AutoCAD, you have the ability to:

Create drawings – these can be for any purpose, and you can create unlimited numbers of

AutoCAD 2023 24.2 Crack + PC/Windows [March-2022]

AutoCAD has been available for the personal computer since the product’s debut in 1983. More recently, a Windows version has become available for use on mobile devices, allowing a portion of the software to run on some mobile devices.

Since AutoCAD LT 2008, it supports an XML based configuration file format known as ACADML (Autodesk ACADML), which is mainly used for importing and exporting drawing files. This file format is similar to the one used in other CAD software packages such as SOLIDWORKS and Creo.

Typical use
According to the Cadalyst Website, AutoCAD is the most popular drafting software. Its most recent update, released in 2017, has added many new features to support technology such as AR, augmented reality.

Other uses for the product include:

Graphic designer: Create and edit graphic design graphics such as logos, vehicle and boat designs.
Civil engineer: Create and edit topographical maps, land surveys, 3D models, and interior drawings of civil engineering structures and machinery.
Product design: Create and edit 2D and 3D CAD models for use in product design, including electronics, furniture, and architecture
DCC (digital content creation): Create and edit interactive 3D models for use in DCC applications including GIS applications, computer-aided design, CAE, CAD, CAX and more.
Landscape architect: Create and edit 3D model environments of landscapes and other exterior spaces.
Civil engineer: Create and edit topographical maps, land surveys, 3D models, and interior drawings of civil engineering structures and machinery.
Construction manager: Create and edit construction drawings and models, with the ability to link or transfer to other applications and GIS.
Publishing: Create and edit 3D models for use in interactive applications, games, training and presentation.
Land surveying: Using GIS, create and edit AutoCAD models for plotter-based land surveying

Other products


AutoCAD LT (formerly called AutoCAD Drafting Edition, or AutoCAD LE) is a free, cross-platform, drawing and modeling program for the desktop. It was developed by Autodesk and is part of the Autodesk LiveFamily. There is also a Windows Mobile version of the program for use on mobile devices. It includes drawing and modeling features, most of which are common to Autodesk’s other programs, but lacks some of the advanced features

AutoCAD 2023 24.2 For PC

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What’s New In?

Create and manage large marking tasks, such as the creation of industrial-strength symbols and templates.

CADX is a type of CAD tool that supports a professional level of collaborative development. By adding the capability to develop work in a shared environment, developers can easily assemble, test, debug, and distribute code. You can customize your development environment to meet your organization’s needs.

Multi-user editing for CAD files. (preview only) You can now open a shared CAD file simultaneously from multiple clients or you can open a shared folder to create work from multiple computers.

View and select layers in a viewport. Layer management is now more intuitive.

Display color ramps directly in the contextual menu.

Improved performance, especially on newer hardware.

Improved support for Unicode characters in RTF files and DWG files.

Improved work with the Microsoft Windows operating system and applications.

Improved support for Windows tools. For example, if you open a DWG or PDF file in the Windows Explorer window, AutoCAD will use the default tool to open it.

With the History and Browse dialog boxes, you can now view the drawings that have been edited or published over the past 30 days. (preview only)

New drawing objects, commands, and templates:

Drawing Object: Cross Section

Drawing Object: Measure

Drawing Object: Parametric Curve

Drawing Object: Polar Grid

Drawing Object: Ray

Command: Copy Layer

Command: Cut To Layer

Command: Delete Layer

Command: Rename Layer

Command: Select Layer

Command: Send to Viewport

Template: Add Component

Template: Add Component – Parameters

Template: Adjust Component

Template: Adjust Component – Parameters

Template: Bevel Component

Template: Boundary

Template: Bezier Curve

Template: Copy Curve

Template: Custom Path

Template: Path Selection

Template: Polar Grid – Parameters

Template: Polyline Grid

Template: Rectangle – Borders

Template: Rectangle – Parameters

Template: Ruler – Diamond

Template: Ruler – Level

Template: Ruler – Straight

Template: Ruler – Toggle

Template: Triangular Grid

Template: Wave

Improvements to the user interface:


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Processor: Intel i3 2.5 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Video: 2 GB DirectX11 graphics card (preferably DX11)
Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
Additional Notes:
iPad is not compatible with the game on Mac, unfortunately.
Notes on controls:
Virtual controls (gamepad)
Keyboard controls
Basic configuration will use virtual controls on all systems.