Down The Line

Down the line or DTL as it is also known is a very popular discipline. Targets are thrown from a trap that is situated 16 yards from a line of five different stands, the target is thrown to a distance of 50 meters by a trap that oscillates from side to side in a 22 degree zone. Targets are shot in blocks of 25, the single target can be shot with either barrel and points are awarded as 3 points for a first barrel kill, 2 points for a second barrel kill and a big fat 0 for a miss. So when you shoot targets it is scored out off 300 points.

dtl practice round

The discipline is very popular around the world and is shot in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, UK, Ireland, France and the United States.

Mickley hall shooting school offers an amazing facility with a purpose built layout under cover shooting area and an acoustic voice release system.

John Barnet is a current DTL England Team member and can help you move towards that magic 300 ex 100 point score.