Sporting Clays

Sporting clays is the most popular discipline in clay pigeon shooting, and was first developed to simulate the unpredictability of live quarry shooting. Sporting offers the shooter the challenge of a variety of trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations, distance, and target size. The sporting discipline was first form in the 1900s to practice driven game, the first British Open Championship was held in 1925 but surprisingly wasn’t introduced to America until 1980.

A typical Sporting course generally consists of 50, 75, or 100 targets but a few of the majors are now held over 120, 150 or even 150 targets. Again showing how diverse and exciting the English sporting discipline is. You generally shoot the targets over 9 to 15 stands and can be split up into 3, 4 or 5 pairs on each stand.

Targets can be thrown in pairs or a single target. You could have two targets thrown together at the same time, called a simultaneous pair, or on report so you shoot one target then an other target will appear. There are also a lot of different styles of targets that mainly derive from live quarry

  • Rabbits obviously roll along the floor
  • Driven are thrown over you like a pheasant or partridge
  • Teal rise up fast from the floor
  • Incomers represent pigeons coming into decoys
  • Crossers come from the left or right

There are also different sized clays

  • Standard 110mm in diameter
  • Midi 90mm in diameter
  • Mini 60mm in diameter

The targets also change in shape there are battues and rocket clays to add a bit of speed and colours from standard black, orange, white, green and pink.

clay shooting

We here at Mickley Hall Shooting ground offer a ever changing array of targets to test even the seasoned expert and are continuously improving our facilities to bring you the best experience. Our layout boasts minis, midis, battues, rabbits and close to or distant targets 10  stands with 36 automatic traps.

All of our stands offer covered areas to shoot from so you can shoot in comfort no matter what the weather is doing. We also boast all stoned tracks so you never need wellies.

Our practice rates are very reasonable at £6.25 for 25 clays, £12.50 for 50 clays, £25 for 100 clays or pro rata. There is also membership scheme offering further discounts so why not book a lesson or simply turn up during our opening times for a practice session.

We can be contacted on 0800 772 0058