We're Opening Tuesday 19th May


COVID 19 Updates

Once we are given the all clear and allowed to re-open we will be running the shoot differently than normal, see below for details.

How It Will Work:

  • Booking will be done via the Website, Email or Phone
  • Each booking will be for a set time slot
  • Cartridges can be ordered at time of booking to be ready for when you arrive
  • Payments to be made via Card
  • On arrival park on the Gun Room Car Park.
  • Counters to be collected from the Gun Room, along with any cartridges you have ordered and we will be running a one in one out basis.
  • Cars are to be parked in the Ground Car Park, where there will be allocated spaces
  • Stands will have a waiting area that abides by social distancing
  • Stands will all be equipped with hand sanitiser please use on entering each stand.


  • DO NOT come shooting if you or anyone in your household has symptoms
  • You may only shoot by yourself or with someone that is in your household. NO MIXED GROUPS
  • Arrive 10 minutes before your allocated slot, so there is time to book in. If you arrive late, your time slot maybe delayed

Other Info:

  • We will start the Summer series on the 21st May if we are allowed to open. Again only by prior booking and only as an individual or with people from the same household.
  • Vouchers that are for instruction/lessons will be extended so that they can be used once the restrictions have been lifted. We will keep you informed about when we are offering lessons again.

We hope you are all well and look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Thanks all at Mickley Hall Shooting School.

COVID 19 Rules

  • PRE-BOOKING ONLY – Book via Email, Phone or Website.
  • Only ONE person in the shop at any time.
  • ALL customers when entering the shop MUST be wearing a face mask or covering of some kind.
  • Please wait outside by the safe markers if the shop is full.
  • PRE-BOOK CARTRIDGES when booking in for practice and the cartridges will then be ready for you when you arrive.
  • Please bring SHOTGUN LICENSE with you for cartridges as normal.
  • Once entered the shop, please stand in the marked SAFE ZONE behind the safety shield when collecting and paying for your counter.
  • Proceed to the shooting ground as normal – when parking, please park in the designated areas which have been marked out at a safe distance.
  • ALL shooting stands have a waiting area is the stand is occupied.
  • When using the stand, we ask if you would please leave your gun slip or cartridge bag in the mouth of the door so that people will know the stand is occupied.
  • Once entering the stand, you MUST SPRAY THE BUTTON with the orange spray bottle and THEN SANITISE YOUR HANDS using the station before shooting.
  • Please wear safety glasses and ear protection as normal.
  • When finished shooting, return counter to the shop (Following safety measures) to pay. ALL counters will then be sanitized.
  • We are asking people once they have finished and paid to not spend time in the shop and to leave the area clear for others to then come in.
  • MAXIMUM OF 2 PEOPLE from different residential addresses in one group.
  • MAXIMUM OF 4 PEOPLE from the same residential address in one group.
  • NO indoor seating available or café available.
  • PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE to others at all times and give other space.

ALL CUSTOMERS MUST ADHERE TO GOVERNMENT SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES AT ALL TIMES.  We look forward to more social times and thank you for your custom and understanding.