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DevExtras .NET Obfusasm (Updated 2022)

DevExtras .NET Obfusasm Crack Latest

DevExtras.NET Obfusasm is a.NET framework extension that allows for.NET framework assembly protection. This helps protect your assemblies and ensure that they are not copied from one computer to another. This is a small (the assembly is about 90K) unobtrusive assembly so you will hardly notice it in the machine wide registry.
The extension works as follows:

A new key is created in the registry called “AssemblyOriginatorFile”
The default value of this key is a URL that is pointing to the unpacked assembly
The same as in.NET 3.5 on the program files registry key “Program”

If you have.NET 2.0 installed on your machine then that key is “Win32\x86” and “Win32\x64”
If you have.NET 3.5 installed on your machine then that key is “Win32\x86” and “Win32\x64”
If.NET 3.5 is not present then the key will be “Win32\x86” and “Win32\x64”
After the assembly has been protected it is also unpacked to disk.
The key/value is generated as:

“ApplicationFolder\AssemblyName.exe” -> “AssemblyOriginatorFile”
“ApplicationFolder\AssemblyName.exe.config” -> “AssemblyOriginatorFile”
“ApplicationFolder\AssemblyName” -> “AssemblyOriginatorFile”

The obfuscation is generated at the command line.
GitHub Repo:

Currently it is not being actively maintained and does not support the use of the console or GUI. This may change in the future.
Looking for a solution/workaround?
As a possible workaround you could try writing a small console application that contains the obfuscated assembly. This would allow you to test the assembly without having to risk the original assembly being copied to another directory.


The unmanaged code code was not obfuscated. This can be verified by viewing the source code of the assembly.
I then downloaded one of the compiled assemblies and loaded it up with Reflector. I can see the original assembly source code of the program. This is a problem since there are far too many security issues with shipping source code.
This means that there will be instances where the compiled

DevExtras .NET Obfusasm Activation Key

Developers should be able to develop, run and debug new releases, without
having to revert to previous versions, or dealing with the hassle and
possible instability of unmanaged DLLs.

DevExtras.NET Obfusasm Features:


Compile and obfuscate assemblies using the CLI.

Statically obfuscate DLLs: use the Obfuscator.dll included in the installer.

Assembly obfuscation based on almost all IL-specific attributes used by.NET

Dynamically obfuscate at runtime: you can add your own obfuscation rules, compile them with Obfuscator.exe and dynamically add them to the obfuscation process at runtime!

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What’s New in the?

DevExtras.NET Obfusasm is a class library for generating obfuscated
assemblies via the command-line only. It performs strong and advanced
obfuscation with the combination of ProGuard, OPTIFIER, and
TRANSFORMER. It also contains advanced code splitting and more!

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