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DoThat 2022 Crack is a powerful automation utility for Windows. It can automate programs, windows, and Internet Explorer. The software has a function generator, scripts, a scheduler, and has many other advanced features.
· Automate programs, windows, or Internet Explorer.
· Generate scripts and schedules.
· Execute Shell commands.
· Execute “Hotkeys”
· Play audio files.
· Play or record audio files.
· Screenshot.
· Scan and search for text in Internet Explorer or in any program.
· Schedule.
· Directly control applications, web browsers, folders, scripts, and much more.
· Schedule.
· Automatically reconnect.
· Supports webcams.
· Can start, or stop processes.
· Spy on windows.
· Run pre-defined commands.
· Simulate clicks.
· Spawn Windows.
· Solve complex automation problems.
· Controls your computer and Internet connections.
· Firewall.
· Password cracker.
· Uninstaller.
· Image viewer.
· Long connection recorder.
· Sleeper.
· Shared folder.
· Remote desktop.
· Block Internet, SMS, or any connection.
· Ping.
· File transfer.
· Debugger.
· Tutorial.
· Updated weekly.
· Available in all languages ​​including Persian, Arabic, and Korean.
· Automation written in ASM.
· Fast.
· Small.
· Visual interface.
· Free and open source.
· Compatible with all versions of Windows.
· Unicode support.
· Webcams support.
· System requirements
· Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit and 64-bit), only the.NET framework 3.5 or greater (without.NET 3.5 SP1) is required.
·.NET 2.0.4 or greater or.NET 1.1 is recommended.
· Windows XP Home and Professional.
· Windows 2000 Professional Edition.
· Windows 98/98 SE/SE SP2, Vista, or Windows 7 SP1.
· Processor: 1 GHz or more of a 64-bit operating system.
· RAM: 1 GB or more of RAM (32-bit).
· 8 GB or more of RAM (64-bit) is needed for DoThat Scheduler and any script engines

DoThat Crack License Code & Keygen Download PC/Windows

> Automates all aspects of a computer’s user interface, including: opening browser, executing game play, opening files, launching programs, and more, with one simple script.


DoThat For Windows 10 Crack is a browser games automation tool that can open or launch various programs, including the system’s default browser, and automatically executes any commands you write in a script file.


Open/launch applications and browse the web.
Execute commands that launch programs.
Play system sounds.
Automate game play.
Execute one of many built-in scripts or manually enter one.


Generate HTML pages.
Start WordPad, notepad or any other program and type text.
Go to websites.
Automate applications.
Play system sounds.


Q: “When will a new version be released?”
A: Version Updates to DoThat are released on the following schedule:


Q: “I’m curious about the Mac version. Is there a Mac version coming out?”
A: There is a Mac version of DoThat.


Q: “Where can I download the free open-source version?”
A: In Ubuntu:

Download the binary deb file from the links below.
Launch the file dothat.deb.

Deb file link:

Q: “Can DoThat be used with a certain brand of mouse?”
A: Yes, DoThat can be used with any mouse, even those who require separately-wired data-loggers.


At this time, DoThat is only available in free-of-charge open-source license. If you’d like to access the latest version, it is available at the following links:


The following list of the package dependencies for DoThat.






DoThat Crack + With Full Keygen

DoThat is a free, open-source scripting utility that makes it easy to automate one or more Windows applications. Users can easily automate Windows applications such as Notepad, Explorer, Calculator and Windows Media Player.

In order to facilitate the process of automating Windows applications, DoThat utilizes a command based script language called “Scripts.”
Under the DoThat “settings” tab, you can specify what actions you want your scripts to perform and what Windows applications you want to automate. Following is a list of commonly used commands:
PlaySound: Automatically plays a sound that was specified in the “settings” tab. For example: play’my_sound.wav’
ShowMessage: Displays a message that was specified in the “settings” tab. For example: show’my message’
Start: Automatically launches a Windows application that was specified in the “settings” tab. For example: start’my_app.exe’
Wait: Automatically delays for a specified duration before proceeding to the next command. For example: wait ‘5’
Browser: Automatically opens a specified website in a new tab. For example: browser ”
SendKeys: Automatically sends specified keys to a specified window. For example: sendkeys ‘{TAB}{TAB}’
Shell: Automatically executes a given command on a specified window. For example: shell ‘ping’
Optionally, you can design your own scripts using the freely available Script Editor tool.

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What’s New in the?

1. It allows you to write, save and execute text commands.
2.It is named “DoThat”. You can execute commands on the desktop, web, and clipboard.
3. It supports
– Scripting languages: batch, VBScript, Perl, PHP, etc.
– Operands: text, date, time, volume, date, time, and a lot of operators.
– Filters: file filter, name filter, directory filter, file size filter, age filter, and date filter.
– Timers: indefinite time/ delay timer, wait timer, repeat timer, and random timer.
– Updates: database and file database.
– Languages: English, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean.
– If you like it, please don’t forget to rate the software, thanks.
How to download and run:
1.1 Unpack the compressed file in a suitable folder of your choice.
1.2 Search for the dothat.exe file, and double click to run.
1.3 When asked which script you want to load, choose the one you have named “DoThat”.
1.4 Then choose the one for the language you wish to choose.
1.5 If you want to set a new script for future use, click “Save” and then choose to save the script in your “DoThat” folder.
1.6 (Optional) If you want to run your script, click “Run” to start it up.
What’s New in Version 1.2:
1.1 Compatibility:
-Added VBScript support
-Added PHP support
1.2 Features:
– Added VBScript support
– Added PHP support
Known Issues:
-Some errors might occur occasionally
-Please contact support if you have any issues
This is really really good. It’ll either free up a lot of your time or let you have fun doing things the easy way. We definitely think that this tool deserves a thumbs up.

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System Requirements For DoThat:

X-Box 360
PlayStation 3
Operating System:
Windows XP, Vista or 7 (64-bit)
1 GB
2 GB
Hard Drive:
CPU 3.2 GHz
Disc 1 (Disc 2, Disc 3)
Fixed A.I. attack hits which was causing issues in Multiplayer
Disc 2