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May 20, 2022
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Nx. Timedrift software— and replacement for Image-Line’s Vectr. That removes the concept of having an icon at the bottom.
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April 7, 2021
In the latest version of Max, which was released in January, 2019, the EPSF format is now optional and can be disabled from the import menu. This change means that the EPSF format that the company used in earlier versions will no longer be imported by default.
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Oct 12, 2019
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Oct 10, 2019
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Oct 4, 2019
Jul 13, 2020
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Sep 25, 2019
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Jul 30, 2020
create & edit flowcharts, process flows, and project plans. you can drag and drop objects to align them correctly. you can merge and merge repeat objects.
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