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JACAMAR allows you to store a large amount of data in a simple and quick manner. The application enables you to operate with local data and does not require a server for data storage. Moreover, its usage is GUI-based, with no programming or SQL commands needed for managing the data.
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ConvertV2 is a reliable and accurate electrical calculator designed for engineers and electricians who need to perform electronic device calculations in real time. You can use this calculator easily. It is made to satisfy the requirements of the modern electrical technology.
Using the calculator, you need to input the voltage, current, resistance, current, resistance, electric quantity in ampere, power, power factor, efficiency, capacitance, diode, battery and other electrical quantities. Besides, you can also get the following information:
Input of the voltage and current: Input the voltage of the test electric quantity, input the current of the test electric quantity, choose the output unit, choose the input unit. Input the voltage, input the current, choose the output unit.
Input of the resistance and the capacitance: Input the resistance and capacitance, choose the output unit, choose the input unit. Input the resistance, input the capacitance, choose the output unit.
Input of the current and the diode: Input the current, choose the output unit, choose the input unit. Input the current, choose the output unit.
Input of the voltage and the power: Input the voltage, choose the output unit, choose the input unit. Input the voltage, choose the output unit.
Input of the power and the efficiency: Input the power, choose the output unit, choose the input unit. Input the power, choose the output unit.
Input of the energy and the battery: Input the energy, choose the output unit, choose the input unit. Input the energy, choose the output unit.
Input of the electric quantity and the battery: Input the electric quantity, choose the output unit, choose the input unit. Input the electric quantity, choose the output unit.
You can obtain the calculation results quickly. Once the calculations are finished, you can easily view the results in the main window. The interface is very comfortable to work with, while the operation speed is fast and user-friendly. Furthermore, you can export the calculation result to the file. It supports the PDF format as well.
Bottom line
ConvertV2 is an easy to use calculator intended to perform the calculation of the voltage, current, resistance, and capacitance.
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An Alinco PC Electrical Calculator The Alinco PC Electrical Calculator is an application that can help you calculate electrical components for most of the electrical devices. This tool can also help you to add electronic components to those you already have and that you already have installed on your desktop.
Eco Utility Description:
The software is specially designed for creating energy-efficient life. Eco Utility is useful for electric, electronic and devices such as audio, video and home lighting. Eco Utility allows you to adjust the device to balance the power use. You can also lock power to save energy.
HwSetup Description:
The software will help you to control the power settings of your devices. The following parts of the toolset can be adjusted:
– power on/off
– CPU current control
– USB controls
– power beeper
– shutdown
– blockage power
The password utility allows you to save a set of passwords to your desktop. Password Utility will store the current set of passwords on the desktop.
The shortcut will allow you to store the current password set.
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Sipo Calculator Description:
An Alinco PC Sipo Calculator The Alinco PC Sipo Calculator is a software which can help you to calculate any distance and calculate any area. You can just use the wizard to help you.
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What’s New in the?

The Electrical Calculator is an exclusive calculator for electricity prices and offers you a full set of useful functions, including subtraction, addition, multiplication and division, to calculate the price of the electricity in the unit, the time of usage, the daily energy consumption and many more.
The Application also offers you a calendar, a clock, a calendar with multiple months, a stopwatch, a tape or floppy disk recorder, a digital clock, and an automatic countdown timer. Also, the application has a function for switching between the tab bar and simple text, and it provides you with a completely customizable user interface. You can optimize the look and feel of the application for your needs, such as the size of the elements in the tabs, the text size, the style of the folders or the width of the toolbar.
Installation files for Mac OS X:
1. 1. Installer.
2. 2. Run the program.
3. 3. Register the licence in the Settings.
4. 4. Go to the Help->About.
5. 5. Click “I Agree”.
6. 6. Agree to the conditions.

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System Requirements For Electrical Calculator:

-Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7
-CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 or equivalent
-HDD: 30 GB
-CPU: Intel Core i5 3250 or equivalent
-Total Storage: 1GB
-The Geometry Panel;
-The Body