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Made as the portable counterpart of Emacs, this is a text editor designed for the Emacs Lisp programming language. It offers support for syntax highlighting and a lot of advanced settings for experienced users.
Portability perks
You can extract the program files to any part of the hard drive or external storage device and just click the executable file to launch Emacs on any computer with minimum effort and no additional installers. The main advantage is that it doesn't modify the Windows registry settings.
The interface is based on a normal window with a clear-cut structure that reminds us of a common word processor. The first noticeable aspect about it is that the mouse pointer blinks, but this can be disabled.
Customize settings and use powerful tools
It's possible to enable or disable region highlighting, truncate long lines, resort to a search function and disable case insensitive mode, ask the tool to enter debugging mode on errors, apply directory names in buffer names, set bookmarks to easily jump to important parts of the code, as well as modify the default font settings.
Emacs Portable sports a wide range of programming tools in the attempt to ease your work. For instance, you can search files using Grep, compile and run the project in just a few clicks, enable a spellchecker and complete words, compare and merge files or buffers, apply patches, consult a calendar, use a simple calculator, as well as verify, encrypt, decrypt and sign files.
Evaluation and conclusion
Considering its extensive list of comprehensive features, Emacs Portable is clearly a tool dedicated to expert users. As expected, it has minimal impact on computer performance, thanks to the fact that it needs low CPU and RAM to work properly. No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and the app didn't hang or crash. You can definitely test Emacs Portable for yourself, since you'll likely find its skillset satisfying.







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Emacs Portable Crack +

Portable version of an Emacs text editor, designed for the Emacs Lisp programming language.


General Tools:
– Undo/redo: complete the last 10 operations or go back a few seconds
– Scrolling: jump to a desired line or view current buffer text
– Pager: Scroll through a list
– View/Copy/Paste mode
– Auto-indentation
– Setting-sensitive keys: press Alt to change settings
– Spellchecker
– Emulating the clipboard: copy and paste
– Go to file: open a file in an existing buffer
– Active-line highlight for Lisp/Hypertext-M
– Adjustable font size, bold, italic
– Guided search
– Bibliography: show bibliographies, citations, callouts
– Calculator: add, subtract, multiply, divide, print and exit.
– Paste: copy from Windows clipboard
– Calculation: calculate mathematical expressions
– Auto-refresh: refresh files every few seconds
– Basic terminal emulation
– Auto-save/auto-load
– Formatting: current font settings, white-on-black
– Bookmarking: Jump to changed lines, sub-windows
– Debugging: Ask Emacs to enter debugging mode if an error occurs
– Directory-sensitive buffer names: make Emacs use the folder name instead of the file name
– Support for LaTeX
– Spell checker (automatic and manual)
– Better font handling (support of more than just Arial)
– Enhanced pager
– Use tabs instead of 8 spaces (cursor anchored to the left)
– Improved menu structure: use common shortcuts

Special Features:
– Windows app: changes the normal windows representation to the portable one
– Tables: display and edit data in tables
– Automatic buffer-localization
– Support for programming in Common Lisp
– Enhanced editor grouping
– Customization (via a file dialog)
– Improved auto-completion
– Smart-insert: insert tabs instead of spaces when needed
– Metapost support: use MS Windows only for the format of the interpreter
– Support for Emacs Lisp scripts
– Improved key bindings for typing and changing the settings
– Terminal app: a full-screen console
– The possibility to create a new buffer group
– User-defined functions: create a new buffer, run Emacs Lisp scripts, use macros
– Command history: complete text from history


Emacs Portable For PC

Provides a macro system as well as a language that supports most of the Lisp macros, emacs-lisp, and several other add-ons.

Supports GNU auto-complete, arch mode, and GNU readline.

Provides command-line arguments and file swapping.

Can be configured to be run from a USB thumb drive.

Has a powerful configuration tool.

Simple installation, doesn’t touch the Windows Registry.

Supports the following languages: Objective-C, C, C++, Common Lisp, Scheme, Perl, Python, Bash, and Tcl.

Uses Emacs Lisp, but has many powerful and useful tools built directly into the interface.

Supports most of the Emacs Lisp libraries, like zenburn, etc.

Supports symbol-properties, so you can quickly find the properties of any symbol.

Supports find-file.

Supports window manipulation.

Supports buffer manipulation (navigation, delete, or copy to the clipboard).

Supports Elisp programming, so you can use conditionals, loops, arrays, buffers, etc.

Supports Emacs Dictionaries (a.k.a. Typed Dictionaries).

Supports the following add-ons:


[Academia] –




AmiCom C++











What’s New in the?

Emacs Portable is the smallest version of the established emacs editor that includes all of its features. The app lets you edit files, compile, run, edit, and modify emails using its multiple advanced features and plugins. With this app, it is possible to edit files, edit email, search and organize files and also use the program to compile source codes, and run applications.
Emacs Portable Features
Easy access to the main windows
You don’t need to go through a complex set of menus. The screen presents you with a clean page that shows you the information you need.
Filter your data using advanced filters
Emacs Portable comes with a powerful file explorer that lets you filter your files using advanced filters: by extension, size, name, and content.
The search function lets you navigate through your filesystem
Emacs Portable lets you search for files or folders using advanced filters that make it possible to quickly find them.
Compile and run applications
You can run different source codes using Emacs Portable, that allows you to edit and modify them in many ways. It compiles and runs applications based on a set of command line parameters.
Automatically find your files
Emacs Portable lets you automatically find your files and folders in a more convenient way.
Integration with Google Drive
You can use the app to synchronize files and folders that you have in Google Drive with the ones you have on your PC.
Compile large files in different ways
You can compile large files using features that let you change the type of the files.
Manage your contacts easily
You can save contacts from various sources in a single list. This is extremely useful when you need to keep in one place all the people that you want to contact.
Image editor
Use the powerful image editor that lets you handle diverse types of image files.
E-mail interface
This interface lets you add different e-mail accounts to this program. It’s easy to send and receive messages and it’s also possible to use the e-mail interface to send different applications.
Different ways of organization
You can organize your different files using different parameters or by grouping them by color, date or size.
Advanced graphics editor
Emacs Portable includes a powerful graphics editor that lets you edit different type of images.
Change the size of files
You can change the size of files from the program’s interface.
You can create different templates for your tasks such as automatically converting plain text into rich text.


System Requirements:

Software Requirements:
Win10: 1803, 1909, 1909 AD
Build 10586 or higher
Win8.1: Build 10240 or higher
Win7: Build 7600 or higher
Minimum resolution: 1024 x 768
Maximum resolution: 2560 x 1600
The minimum resolution is 1024 x 768, the maximum is 2560 x 1600.
Vulkan device driver
Please enable the Vulkan GPU driver by following these instructions.
Note: To avoid