Expert tuition from a Past British Champion

Mickley Hall is owned and run by Scott and John Barnett who both compete regularly at the highest levels in the arena of clay shooting. John has represented his country this year at DTL (Down The Line) and has shot for England in sporting, and for the Great Britain in Double trap. John was also British open Double Rise champion.

Scott has shot this year for the England sporting team and in the past England junior DTL team and junior British Double trap team. He is also the 2015 Benelli Autosporter champion and former White Gold challenge champion and was British open sporting Bronze medallist.

Tuition is available for the experienced shooter or newbie to the sport with their own licence and shotgun, and done on an hourly rate. You can simply learn how to hit simple clay targets, pick up tips so you are better prepared for that important competition, or spend a session on the driven stands learning how to hit those elusive pheasants!

First we will ask you what you want from the lesson, whether it is to train on a particular type of target or to learn the basic styles and principles of shooting. Once established we take it from there, using your natural abilities to mold you into a better and more accomplished shooter. It is very rare we try to change you completely, as we at Mickley hall shooting school believe that it is our role to manage the individual’s style and bring in different techniques to help bring you on as a shooter, using your natural feel for the sport.

We start by checking your gunfit and may suggest changes here.

Then we look at gun hold, gun hold position, pick up point for the target, kill points, feet position, body movement, muscle memory and head position.  We then relate that to your style, either swing through, pull away or maintain lead.

Pull away – Insert the muzzle of your gun on to the target and gently move the muzzle ahead of your target until you have reached the desired lead, then squeezing the trigger keeping the gun in a positive forward motion.

Swing through – Insert the muzzle behind the target and swing the gun through the line of the target until you have the desired lead, then squeezing the trigger keeping the gun moving in a positive forward motion.

Maintain lead – The desired lead is inserted in front of the target from the beginning and you keep the muzzle moving at the same speed as the clay until the time in which you squeeze the trigger.

Using all these techniques, we can teach you to switch styles for different targets, making target leads easier to acquire.

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For further information or to book please call 0800 772 0058