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The launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1985 marked the beginning of a revolution that led to the global success of the video game industry. The initial success was due to a new standard in the quality of the games, a standard that helped birth gems such as Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Mega Man, Castlevania, Contra, and countless other classics.
Apart from the colorful graphics and the simple but challenging gameplay, many players will remember the catchy soundtracks. The sound quality was limited to 8 bits, but it was this exact limitation that made the music so beautiful and memorable. It surely left a mark on many musicians who created whole styles centered around 8-bit sounds, but it probably left an even bigger mark on the fans; I’m sure that there are very few among you who can’t hum the Super Mario Bros theme flawlessly.
So what’s FamiStudio about?
To put it simply, FamiStudio allows you to create NES-style 8-bit music. Its name is derived from Famicom, which is the name of the Nintendo game console that was only available in Japan and after which the NES was modeled. FamiStudio’s interface features a sequencer and a piano roll reminiscent of a professional DAW. However, when it comes to usability, things aren’t as smooth.
When you try to add the first notes in the sequencer, if you click on any of the bars, you don’t get just one note, but a whole infinite bar of that note, which you must stop yourself by adding a stop note (Ctrl + Click). This really isn’t an intuitive way to write music with mouse clicks; I’m sure that most digital musicians would be more at ease with creating a single note with one clicking and then dragging that note as they please.
Other features
You can only use four tracks for your compositions: two tracks made of square wave sounds, one track made of triangle wave sounds, and another track made of noises. There’s also a fifth DPCM track which can help modulate the other sounds, and you also have a very small number of effects.
FamiStudio isn’t necessarily a bad program. It sounds pretty good, and I’m sure that once you get used to the unusual workflow, you can actually compose something nice with it. But even though I like the colorful interface, I would probably stick to other plugins or synths that are dedicated to creating 8-bit music.







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Generate NES-style 8-bit music in no time.
Create your own music compositions by combining square, triangle, and noise waves
Add some dirt with the dirt module or use a bender to make modulated sounds
Put something original into your NES gaming music!

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FamiStudio Download

The music plugin is inspired by the sounds of the original Famicom (NES) console, which is the basis of the FamiStudio. The distinctive 8-bit sound quality is a result of its sound designers’ choice to use FM synthesis and the DPCM sample.
The goal of FamiStudio is to recreate, as closely as possible, the sound of the original Famicom and NES console. It captures the way these two consoles work.
It begins with the original 8-bit sound of the console, which is made by combining FM synthesis, DPCM sample and LFO. FamiStudio also uses the power of sound designers’ creation, which results in various electronic sounds, analogue synth sounds, percussion, and vocals with different effects.
FamiStudio emulates the construction method of sound generator, which helps designers recreate the characteristic sounds of 8-bit hardware. FamiStudio uses the sample, which indicates that it can also be used as a sampling plugin.
In addition to the original sound quality, FamiStudio offers various effects such as phaser, flanger, and analog delay in each track.

The following video shows how to create music with the program.

The Famicom console was first released in September 1983 and was a commercial success in Japan. In the western world the console was released in 1985 for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and was thus the first home console to use an FM synthesis chip and the first home console to use a digital sampling chip. A standalone Famicom with the same audio capabilities and other peripherals were also produced. The player could connect a cable from the headphone jack into the console, which then took on the properties of the Famicom’s headphone jack port.

The first game released for the Famicom was the arcade version of Donkey Kong in 1983. The game was developed by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, who later created the Super Mario Bros. series. Donkey Kong became the first successful game for the Famicom.

The cartridge format for the Famicom was standardized in 1982. The most common cartridge format is built around the standard format, which holds six megabytes, and was later updated to use the format, which holds 14 megabytes. The format cartridge stores cartridge data on a microcontroller within the cartridge, while cartridges with the format have microcontrollers on both sides of the cartridge, with one microcontroller storing the cartridge data and the other storing the

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“FamiStudio is designed to give you quick results with lots of sound diversity and powerful performance.”
Sounds good
Easy to use
Very colorful
Small number of sounds
Unintuitive workflow
Happy programing!

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What’s New in the?

FamiStudio is an 8-bit music software designed for creating NES-style music. All you need is a PC with a Windows operating system, an audio interface and a Roland SPD-SX compatible keyboard.
In the tracker, you can play your melodies through the keyboard. There is also a track for the sounds you create, which you can use to get your melodies in sync.
You can mix your tracks in the piano roll. Everything is exactly as it sounds in a real NES, with the exception of noise tracks, which won’t play.
You can write your melodies for a total of four tracks; of them, three are made of square wave sounds, and the other is made of triangle wave sounds.
Because each of the four tracks is composed of only four channels, you can mix them to create unique effects.
You can use six different effects. They include a compressor, a lo-fi noise generator, an equalizer, a low-pass filter, a high-pass filter, and a rotary speaker emulator.
Because the effects are in real-time, they add up to create an overall increase of richness in your compositions.
To help you remember where you can find each effect, they are labeled with the corresponding button of your keyboard.
The program also features an option for auto-reloading, which means that if you don’t save your composition for a few seconds, the program will reload your music automatically.
There is an audio input and output port in the program, which means that you can connect your audio interface.
FamiStudio is distributed under the GPL v2. This means that you can freely share your creations with other users. You also have the right to modify the software under the GPL v2.
The file Size:
45.61 MB, 79,800 samples, 100 presets
55.5 x 43.5 x 7.5 inches

Mel: a sequencer software with pkey x2

Mel is a sequencer software for handling mono or stereo polyphonic samples (Samples) with transposition or pitch inversion without hardware. The goal of the project is to create a specialized sequencer with an easy-to-use, simple and logical interface.
To finish my studies (Technology Industrial Engineering), I decided to make an application for music. With the idea that this may be useful to professional users.
If you want to comment what you

System Requirements:

• XP
• RAM: 1 GB
• Free Disk Space: 1 GB
• DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphics card.
• DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphics card. DirectX: Direct3D 9.0c-compatible

How To Install:
1. Download
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