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* FastPreview offers a fast and easy way to view images in different formats.
* Open multiple image formats supported by FastPreview and convert them to other supported formats.
* Thumbnails can be automatically created from image files.
* Efficient file previewer and thumbnails generation.
* Rotate and flip images by 90, 180 or 270 degrees.
* Flip vertical or horizontal image by 90, 180 or 270 degrees.
* Bulk resize images (up to 50,000 x 50,000 pixels).
* Clipboard and application menus support.
* Windows shell integration (open FastPreview in a context menu).
* Thumbnails generated from Photoshop CS3 projects, PSD, SGI, IMG, TIFF and RAW image formats.
* Full support for BMP, JPEG, GIF and some other image formats (usually, picture files with meta-data).
* IPTC and XMP data extraction from supported image formats.
* Create a thumbnail from EXIF and IPTC info.
* Generate thumbnails from GIF.
* Software version: version 1.04, update 1.0.1, current version: 1.04.

HexEdit is a powerful hex editor and viewer for Windows, providing powerful editing and viewing tools for hex data. View individual or groups of Hex lines in multiple colors. Change colors and modes, highlight lines, add notes, draw arrows and labels, zoom into views, mark address ranges, and many other features.
HexEdit Key Features:
* View hex data in “human readable” form
* Multiple color views, including the standard ascii art, hex numbers, octal, binary, color and gray scale.
* Add notes, draw custom icons, arrows, and labels
* Add stamps to highlight address ranges
* Enable and disable line number coloring and arrow drawing
* View binary, octal, or hexadecimal color data
* Mark sections of text with a tool bar
* Highlight specific data with color highlighting
* Search for values
* Copy or cut selected lines
* Paste either single or entire blocks
* Add or delete lines
* Change edit mode to standard or hex edit
* Save/load selections
* Define custom hex digits
* Export selected lines as ASCII text
* Edit symbol positions, sizes, and other attributes
* Align and shrink columns
* Switch between decimal and hex displays
* Find individual line, block, and symbol addresses
* Set

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Keymacro is a handy program to assign a key combination to any program so that it launches itself whenever you press that combination.It’s very convenient to have an efficient key combination for launching any program.

ARCHIVEOver the years, various developers have come up with their own ways to make file archiving as easy as possible. Those programs typically included integration with email, POP3 and even webmail. What they all share in common is that each program takes you through a fairly complex series of steps when you want to archive a file. But what if you could archive your files with just one click, without even having to open your email or log on to your webmail? What if you could do it from the command line? This is exactly what Archiver does. If you’re running Windows, you can download Archiver free of charge from the following link:

CONTENTS:1. The Problem2. The Solutions3. Using the Software4. The Case 5. Advantages and Disadvantages6. Uses and Applications7. About the Author8. About the Editor

The Problem

Despite the prevalence of the World Wide Web, email and other internet based utilities, there are still times when you need to transfer documents or data to and from a PC from a CD-ROM, floppy or even the hard drive itself.

One of the most useful features of many mail clients is the ability to save files to a “pending” folder.
This is very useful if you need to save a file, or series of files, to a central place for later retrieval. It is also a very convenient way of keeping a personal copy of your important files in case you lose them, or forget to save them.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available for all types of files. Most CD-ROM drives are not capable of writing files to a CD-R/W media. You must instead save your files on your hard drive, then copy them to your CD-ROM.

There are other drawbacks, too. If you are using one of the recent versions of Microsoft Windows, you must use a special, Microsoft-only utility to perform this process, known as “low-level formatting.” It is a very complicated process, involving various steps that are difficult to remember and/or to perform correctly.

The Solutions

Fortunately, a solution to this problem exists. The “Archiver” utility. You

FastPreview (LifeTime) Activation Code [Updated-2022]

Fully featured image viewer/organizer
Fully featured image editor
Slideshow tool
Photo manager
Image organizer
Image converter
JPEG & TIFF filter
Image resizer
Image decoder/encoder
Image converter
Fully featured EXIF viewer
DirectShow compatible
Thumbnail view (image viewer only)
4-way image pan/rotation
Preview thumbnails from image files
Multiple image file types: JPEG, JPG, BMP, GIF, and others
Open multiple image files
Rotation, mirroring, resizing, and cropping
Image export/import
Image file format viewer
Photo and digital camera metadata viewer
Image file folder manager
Photo organizational software
A little bit about FastPreview:
FastPreview was designed with the purpose of making image viewing fast and simple. The software is particularly useful for quickly opening less common image formats such as TIFF, BMP, JPG and others. In addition, FastPreview provides all the basic image editing tools you’ll need to crop, rotate, resize, mirror, adjust colors, remove noise, and much more. You can also apply multiple image filters and conversions.
For most people, FastPreview is a useful tool for viewing and managing images. It can be used as an image viewer for many different formats of image files. With FastPreview, you can open and view a wide range of image formats.
FastPreview is a powerful program for viewing images. For example, it can display:

What’s New in this Release:

Version 1.9.3:

Bug fixes



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Version 1.8.1:

Release Notes:

New icon

Added support for Importing images from PSD files

Added support for Importing images from PSD files

What’s New in this Release:

Version 1.8:

What’s New in this Release:

Version 1.7.9:

Improvements and bug fixes

What’s New in this Release:

Version 1.7:

What’s New in this Release:

Version 1.6

What’s New in the?

* FastPreview is an easy to use application for image viewing that offers tools for image rescaling, canvas rotation and thumbnail preview.
* Multiple supported formats
FastPreview is a useful tool for opening and viewing several image formats, including less common ones. It can open files such as BMP, JPG and GIF, but also high dynamic range images, Kodak PhotoCDs (PCD), DirectXsurface photos (DDS), as well as Photoshop projects (PSD) and SGI formats.
* Shell integration
The program integrates itself into the context menu and displays a preview of the image. You can configure the size of this image from FastPreview’s properties menu, where you can set the maximum value for height and width of the preview. This option can be successfully used to create thumbnails for many types of image files.
* Once installed, FastPreview is also integrated in the image’s properties window, creating a dedicated tab. Thus, you can view picture information, such as location, type and dimensions.
* Detailed metadata
FastPreview is a useful tool for those interested in viewing detailed EXIF Camera/Image information. The dedicated tab in the image properties menu also displays an image’s metadata for you to view and copy to clipboard.
* Image viewer
With FastPreview you can open multiple formats of image files and conveniently view them in full size or best fit to your screen. You may also rotate images or apply a mirroring effect to JPEG files by flipping the pictures horizontally or vertically, without loss of quality or information.
* The software supports multiple re-sampling display filters, such as bilinear, bicubic, Lanczos3 or catmull-rom methods.
* Fast Preview is a freeware program and requires no installation.
License: Free.
Size: 3.11 MB.

Publisher’s License Agreement (EULA)


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Download FastPreview full free version from FastPreview is an easy to use application for image viewing that offers tools for image rescaling, canvas rotation and thumbnail preview.
Multiple supported formats
FastPreview is a useful tool for opening and viewing several image formats, including less common ones. It can open files such as BMP, JPG and GIF, but also high dynamic range

System Requirements For FastPreview:

– MAC OS X 10.6.8 or later
– 1 GB RAM, of course
– 700 MB disk space available
– 128 MB video card, at least
– Internet connection to download the game data
Here are the small but necessary notes, regarding OS X 10.7.4 and 10.8, that I made just in case of some users still aren’t sure whether they can use the game or not.
I know that the game is no longer compatible with 10.7 and I don’t expect to support OS X