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Contextual menu utility that moves a folder to a new location, then makes a NTFS junction in the folder’s original location pointing to its new location. As a matter of fact, these NTFS junctions are like genuine wormholes in the file system.
Folder2Junction was created so that it would be easier to move sensitive files to an encrypted disk (for example, using TrueCrypt) while keeping junctions in the files’ original unencrypted location to maintain ease-of-access and compatibility with applications.
■ NTFS disk
NOTE: The improper use of NTFS junction points can be dangerous to system integrity. Use at your own risk.


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Folder2Junction Crack [Updated]

Folder2Junction Crack For Windows (1.2 beta) is an automated process that takes the contents of a folder to be moved and places them at a pre-specified new location. The content at the new location is an NTFS junction, which in turn creates its own folder with the same name as the folder at the new location.
The purpose of this application is to aid users who have to move a folder to a new location, and who don’t want to create a shell script or use an application such as File Manager.
Moving a folder to a new location is simply a matter of dragging it from one location to another, but with this utility, copying the folder at the original location to a new location will open both locations and display the folder contents as a single window, where the user can select (drag) those files that will be placed at the new location.
This utility will do exactly what Folder2Move does. However, it will:
■ Move the contents of a folder to a new location that is not connected to the original folder, hence it will create an NTFS junction instead of a file
■ Create the junction at the new location (that means the original folder’s junction won’t be modified)
■ It will also make a subfolder that points to the original folder, if the original folder was not empty, and it will do nothing otherwise. It is an optional feature.
■ Run “Folder2Junction Cracked 2022 Latest Version.exe”
■ Drag and drop the folder you want to move to a new location.
■ Select “Other” option.
■ Choose your destination location.
■ Drag and drop the newly created junction on your destination folder.
■ You will now see both the original folder and the new junction folder, and the drag-and-drop action will be done at both places.
■ When the drag-and-drop action is finished, the original folder will open. At this point, you can copy the contents of the original folder to a disk and then delete the original folder. The junction will open in its directory, and there is no need to close it or delete it. It will still exist, but its original path will be on the destination folder.
■ You can always change the destination location of the original folder, the location of the junction or the nature of the junction by double

Folder2Junction Download [Latest]

Folder2Junction Cracked Version can move a Windows folder to a new location, making a NTFS junction in the folder’s original location pointing to its new location. Once the destination folder (new location) is selected, Folder2Junction evaluates the current location of the destination folder, the location of the destination folder’s original parent folder, and the new location of the destination folder, to determine how to make the junction.
Folder2Junction Functions:
■ Select a destination folder (new location)
■ Select a source folder (original location)
■ Replace “old” folder with new folder (destination)
■ Replace “old” folder’s directory references with the new directory (destination)
■ Replace links to “old” folder with NTFS junctions
■ Show tooltip or commands for options
■ Complete folder and subfolders
■ Move current folder to a new location if the destination and source are the same
■ Create junctions in both locations
■ Exclude files, subfolders, and links
■ Remove files from original location
■ Create a text file with the current location names
■ Adjust file/folder permissions
■ Help files: help file and documentation
■ License: License: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2
PACKAGE NAME Folder2Junction
PRODUCT ID: 3AF30360-7A70-4A1C-88DF-A9C6ACB4D022
VERSION : 2.2.6
COPYRIGHT: Copyright (C) Copyright (C) 2006
ABOUT: Copyright (C) 2006
MAINTAINER: Andreas Hecht
DISTRIBUTION: General public
SUMMARY: Move a folder to a new location with NTFS junctions

UPDATED BY: Andreas Hecht


UPDATED BY: Andreas Hecht


Folder2Junction Crack For PC

The Folder2Junction utility is an easy to use, graphical utility that moves a folder to a new location, then creates junction points in the original folder’s location to the new location. Folder2Junction works with all versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, and Windows 8.
Folder2Junction is a standalone utility. It does not require any other utilities to function.
■ Removes NTFS junctions that point to an old or inaccessible folder.
■ Synchronizes NTFS junctions.
■ More advanced operations: removal of files and folders, making hard links, move of junctions with CopyTo, etc.
■ Allows renaming of junctions.
■ Allows renaming of the folder it is working on.
■ Allows renaming and moving of the directories that are being synchronized.
■ Allows renaming or moving of the destination directory if the synchronization is moved to a new target location.
■ Allows renaming or moving of the destination directory if the synchronization is moved to a new target location using a custom path.
■ All current and future limitations of the tool are clearly spelled out in the license agreement.
■ Uninstall the Folder2Junction program by deleting its installation file in the Start menu and the %TEMP% folder. Deleting this file has no effect on folders that are already synchronized or created by the program.
■ Uninstall the program from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.
■ Delete the leftovers in %ProgramFiles%, %ProgramData% and %Temp% folders, and the registry entry in HKLM/Software/Folder2Junction.
■ This tool is licensed as shareware. If you are not satisfied with its services you may terminate the license at any time.
■ Updates to the documentation and the latest changes to the program.
■ This tool works on any version of Windows, from Windows 95/98/ME all the way up to Windows 8.
■ This tool is not compatible with Windows Vista or Windows 7.
■ It does not work with FAT32 or NTFS Windows volumes.
■ Folders should be empty before running Folder2Junction.
■ It must be run from

What’s New in the Folder2Junction?

Folder2Junction is a contextual menu utility that moves a folder to a new location, then makes a NTFS junction in the folder’s original location pointing to its new location. As a matter of fact, these NTFS junctions are like genuine wormholes in the file system. Using NTFS junction points is usually used for temporary hiding files.
■ Folder and the original unencrypted location must be on the same disk.
■ Source (original folder) and Destination (new folder) locations must be reachable from the computer by network or by disk.
■ Source folder and Destination folder should not be empty.
■ Source folder must have at least one file.
■ Source folder must have at least one subfolder.
■ Files in Source folder and Destination folder must be accessible from the computer.
Folder2Junction Available Options:
■ Use Hard Disk Encryption to Encrypt Drive
■ Delete New Folder
■ Automatically Create Log
■ Close Windows 7 Task Bar
■ Move and Delete Files from Source Folder to Destination Folder
■ Auto Exit When Source Folder is Empty (if it is not yet empty and auto exit option is selected, the program will give an alert that the source folder is being emptied)
■ Remove Internal Software
■ Use internal software to do extraction
■ Show New File and Folder Bar
■ Show Using Normal Icon
■ Show Text on Icon
■ Show.exe Files on Icon
■ Show Directory on Icon
■ Convert Original Files to Different Formats
■ Copy All Files to Desktop
■ Copy Files into Folder
■ Encrypt Source Files
■ Decrypt Destination Files
■ Delete Source Folder (if not empty and delete option is selected)
■ Create NTFS Junction (if not already created and create option is selected)
■ Fix Directory Tree (if not already fixed and fix option is selected)
■ Duplicate Original File (if not already selected and duplicate option is selected)
■ Maximize Windows Taskbar (if not already checked and max option is selected)
Folder2Junction Special Features:
■ All the selected files will be moved to the new folder, even if the files are locked
■ All the

System Requirements For Folder2Junction:

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