HD Online Player (now You See Me 1080p English Subtitl)

HD Online Player (now You See Me 1080p English Subtitl)



HD Online Player (now You See Me 1080p English Subtitl)

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Angular ng-repeat filter is not working properly

I’m passing the string[] object to filter as below

I use this keyword searchItem for searching in this statement like
if (this.item.name.indexOf(searchItem) > -1) {
// blah

But it is not working properly, I mean it giving the right results if any of the object’s name in array contains the keyword, else it giving me all the items in the array, how do I make it work to filter first the results?


Problem is that you are using this keyword. Try this:

because from this keyword, you are creating a new function as this. It is accessing function of this keyword and not item. So, try to access the item variable using the name this.item.
if (this.item.name.indexOf(searchItem) > -1)

if (this.searchItem.indexOf(this.item.name) > -1)

Note: Do not use this keyword inside ngRepeat unless the scope of that item is inside this ng-repeat. In that case, it will be called like this.scope.item. So, avoid using the this keyword inside ngRepeat and other directives.

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