KCS Retail Enterprise With License Code [April-2022]

KCS Retail Enterprise is a very complex applications with multiple uses and features that allows you to manage your business, either a small store or a chain of markets.
It comes with a very complex graphical interface that's packed with a number of sections that you can check out.
Complete the setup
The first thing that you need to do after launching the application is to complete a complicated setup. You need to pick between installing the program as a standalone application, server or client solution.
The next step is to create a SQL server, simply pick the server name, user name, password and database name. It will display the current PC IP and name and it allows you to pick a log path for activities inside the application and one for temporary files.
Pick installation packages
The next step is to pick the modules that you would like to install, you can choose from financial, asset, bar code, employee and users management. Other modules are customer support, retail application library and many more.
Once you've completed the installation, you will need to provide some basic information on your business, like address, country, currency, business type, chain store and manager. You can create various accounts inside the application and restrict access to unauthorized users.
Manage your business easily
It comes with the option to manage your stock, you can create and maintain a database with all products that you're selling or ingredients for meals that you sell in your menu.
The Inventory Management includes features like item set up, stock estimation, stock adjustment, stock transfer etc. It also has a Purchase Management section that includes features like vendor set up, purchase order, purchase return, receipt of goods etc.
More features and tools
It comes with Automated Accounting for any various transactions like Purchase Order, Purchase Return, Sales Order, Sales Return and more. The Customer Relationship Management section includes features like Customer Loyalty, Customer Feedback and many more.
All in all, KCS Retail Enterprise is packed with multiple tools and features that allow you to manage your business efficiently.







KCS Retail Enterprise

All the essential features that you need in order to manage your store from a single installation. Complete Retail Enterprise setup.
Show user with scheduled tasks for everything from financial accounting to inventory management and customer relationship management.
Create, edit and manage individual users with their roles
Manage all the activities from the member of the team responsible for each task
Restrict the access to authorized users to only select the tasks that they can perform.
Create and edit Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Purchase Returns and Sales Returns.
All the additional business transactions.
Many tools for customers and you to do more things such as order, return, feedback and loyalty.
Place orders online and track the deliveries, receive the products and pay for them.
Track the customer’s preferences and order history.
Track the inventory and manage each level of your business such as stock, assets, employee and users.
Multiple data presentation formats
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KCS Retail Enterprise For PC

Easy one step installation
Free Technical support
Multiple feature sets
Easy to use
KCS Retail Enterprise Product Key is an amazing solution for any store that sells a plethora of products. It allows you to manage your business from an application level. The program allows you to manage your stock, customer relations, and the financials of your business.
KCS Retail Enterprise License:

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About KCS


KCS Retail Enterprise is very powerful software that allows you to manage all retail activities. You can manage your business from an application level and there is no limit to the way you can use it. It includes a very complex graphical interface that’s packed with many features and tools. The KCS Retail Enterprise Feature Sets includes Financial Management, Inventory Management, Retail Application Library, Customer Relationship Management, Employee Management, IT Support and Training. The program is perfect for small to medium size businesses.
KCS Retail Enterprise is an enterprise level software that comes packed with multiple feature sets and tools that allow you to manage your business in different ways. The software is perfect for any market that sells a plethora of products.Q:

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KCS Retail Enterprise For PC

KCS Retail Enterprise is an Enterprise Software aimed to manage your business easily.
Comes with a very-well-designed graphical interface that allows to perform important functions for a store owner.
it comes with a very complex setup with many features and options that helps you in managing your business.
Complete the setup quickly and easily.
Pick installation packages to set the suitable packages.
Manage your business easily with customization tools.
Includes KCS Retail Enterprise Module.

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What’s New In KCS Retail Enterprise?

KCS Retail Enterprise is a comprehensive software for both small business owners and big corporations, it comes with a rich set of tools and features for managing, tracking, controlling, projecting and forecasting your business.
It can be installed as a standalone client solution, as a server or as a web application.

How to Run KCS Retail Enterprise On Multiple Locations
We have multiple devices, like laptop, desktop and mobile phones to check out the product before buying. However, KCS Retail Enterprise is the solution for you to manage your business at multiple locations.
It comes with a desktop PC application that allows you to control business at multiple locations, it allows you to access all the stores, departments, locations and add products, employees and purchases.
The program also comes with a web application, through which you can access and control business at the office, in the stores, online or even in the field.
To install KCS Retail Enterprise on multiple devices, you will need multiple computers, you can add the application to any device you like.
Install KCS Retail Enterprise On Multiple Devices
For installing KCS Retail Enterprise on multiple devices, you will need to go to the Devices and Software page to add the program to a new computer.
The next step is to register the device on the server or desktop. Then, launch the KCS Retail Enterprise application on your computer and sign in using your administrator credentials.
Once you’re logged in, you can download the application to your device.
Use KCS Retail Enterprise On Multiple Devices
You can now use KCS Retail Enterprise on any of your devices. To access it, launch the KCS Retail Enterprise application on your desktop, laptop or any device.
You can now access all the stores, locations and employees, check the inventory, manage sales and make purchases.
KCS Retail Enterprise Features:
A dedicated Store Manager.
Store Manager has a broad set of features like add store name, store description, activity, department, manager, payroll, business type, opening hours and many more.
The application has a user friendly graphical interface that allows you to quickly create multiple stores.
Store inventory manager.
Store inventory manager has a simple and powerful set of features like create item, manage stock, inventory levels, sales, returns and many more.
Multiple Stores, Locations, Departments And Employees.
The application allows you to manage multiple stores, locations, departments and employees from a single graphical interface.
Multiple Stores, Departments And Locations.
You can

System Requirements For KCS Retail Enterprise:

Windows 7, 8.1, 10 64-bit
Intel® Core™ i3 or higher
2GB RAM minimum
1.5GB RAM recommended
DirectX® 11
1.8 GHz processor or higher
HD graphics card that supports Pixel Shader 4.0
128MB of VRAM
1920 x 1080 display
Additional Notes:
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