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MouseFighter is an application designed to allow the user to navigate on the computer screen with only the help of the keyboard. It is a program with a user-friendly interface; it is very easy to install and use without having to download or install anything else.
The program installs in the background without causing any problems to the operating system. When the operating system is installed, users can start using MouseFighter by running the executable file, no other interaction is needed.
MouseFighter can be configured to work with any keyboard and configure the functionality of the mouse cursor with the help of the keys desired by the users.
Keyboard driven MouseFighter
MouseFighter is user-friendly; it does not have an interface per se, because the user can only configure MouseFighter through its configuration panel; there is no requirement to do anything else.
The keyboard configuration panel includes a large list of settings that allow users to control the behavior of the program. Users can start MouseFighter by just pressing a button on the keyboard, select the operating system to work with from the list and configure MouseFighter according to their needs.
Starting MouseFighter

You can use MouseFighter without installing anything. To configure the program, click Start, select “Edit” and then “Create or Select a new key” to access the key configuration window.

Using MouseFighter
When the program starts, the main interface gives access to the key settings. There are four tabs: “Settings”, “Mouse Controls”, “Startup” and “Help”.

The “Settings” tab includes different settings that can be customized by the user. The “Mouse Controls” tab has two main sub-tabs: the “Mouse Controls” sub-tab contains settings that allow the user to control the actions of the mouse, from pressing a key to choosing the appropriate direction to set the key for activating the MouseFighter program. The “Startup” tab includes settings that allow you to start the application with or without the operating system. The “Help” tab includes some short messages on MouseFighter.

The keys used for controlling the mouse can be configured in the “Mouse Controls” tab. Choose any key to set it as the mouse control. There are seven different mouse control keys:

Left mouse button

Right mouse button

To move the mouse, press the directional keys or the CTRL key

To control the cursor movement, press the directional key

To brake the mouse

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MouseFighter allows the user to control the mouse pointer on the computer screen with only the help of the keyboard.
The tool can be of help to those users that are used to the mouse but would like to configure the mouse cursor in a way which is less restricted or would like to operate the computer with only the help of the keyboard.
The application is easy to install and doesn’t require user interaction. The only thing the user has to do is to make sure that they have the.NET Framework 2.0 installed on their system.

Comments about the tool:
We are always looking for feedback. Send us anything at the appropriate mailing list.

A key difference between this system and the other systems with relationships between nodes (e.g., digraphs, contact graphs, Petri nets) is that the nodes here may have several relationships at the same time. This consideration and how its influence on the network can be modeled will be discussed later.

Another difference between the algorithms discussed here and the ones above is that we do not perform any reshuffling of the nodes, that is, we do not change the order of the nodes in the network. Since this property of the tree is preserved in the recursively generated tree, this property is also preserved in the network. This allows us to avoid the limitation that the number of nodes is bounded by the number of parents, which would be necessary to deal with reshuffling.


We have proposed the concept of a graph where the nodes correspond to the *nodes* of the graph. The topology is completely defined by this graph. For example, in a tree with $N$ nodes, the number of edges in the graph $E$ is at most $N(N-1)/2$, and the number of nodes is equal to $N+1$. In the special case of a contact graph, a tree is a contact graph. In the context of a network of computers, nodes correspond to computers, and edges to network paths. Finally, in the context of a large network (transportation, telecommunications, the Internet) the edges define the paths.

In the case of small or sparse graphs (e.g., contact graphs), the induced trees are reasonably dense (i.e., have a low average *interaction* between any two nodes) and present

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MouseFighter is a replacement for the mouse. It may be used as an alternative for MS Paint and other programs that do not understand the mouse event messages.

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Let us know if you found any problems with this software:

We will be happy to help you! You can contact us:

Free trial of this software

MouseFighter is free for 30 days. Click here to download. Note: You have to reinstall the software after the trial period.

What is this software?

MouseFighter is an application that can bring all the functionality of the mouse to the keyboard. It can do anything that the mouse can do; only thing different is that it can be executed by the keyboard and it doesn’t have an interface. The advantage is that users don’t have to be distracted by the computer screen.

MouseFighter is a tool that can be used to navigate the computer screen with only the help of the keyboard. Basic functionality can be controlled by the mouse but there are many times when users don’t want to use that feature. Installing MouseFighter on the system is a simple task completes very fast if all the pre-requisites (.NET Framework 2.0) are available on the computer.

MouseFighter should be able to work with any keyboard since the keys controlling the direction of the mouse cursor are configurable. By default, the directional keys are the arrows but they can be changed to anything else. Furthermore, there is the possibility to define the buttons for left and right-clicking for the mouse functionality to be almost completely emulated by the keyboard. Additional options refer to the speed of the mouse cursor movement and the braking, when the directional key is no longer pressed.

MouseFighter drives the mouse cursor with the keyboard. It can be easily configured to work with the keys desired by the user and its presence on the system is non-intrusive. MouseFIGHTER is a replacement for the mouse and it is a tool that can bring all the functionality of the mouse to the keyboard.

Starting Keyboard Control from MouseFighter application

MouseFighter application can be started with the command line. The command is rather simple and you can specify command-line parameters if you want the MouseFighter to behave differently.

Program uses simple format for file and directory paths:


What’s New in the MouseFIGHTER?

MouseFighter allows you to move a cursor on the screen with only the help of the keyboard. All mouse functionality has been transformed into the keyboard: middle clicking (a double-click), right-clicking (just one click) and mouse drag-and-drop.


NET framework version 2.0 or later (3.0 or later recommended)

Any language or version

Languages supported:


It took me a couple of hours and a bit to get this setup. If you follow the instructions that are offered in the guide, it should be a snap for you.

1. Double-click on the MouseFighter icon on your desktop. Then click on the Open application button to configure the program.

2. Click on the MouseFighter Settings (see below). A window will open where you can change the settings for MouseFighter. You can easily change these settings by double clicking the slider arrows. If you want to save your settings click on the Set button.

3. Click on the File|Help menu and select the about MouseFighter (see below). You will get to know more about the application, how to use MouseFighter and what you can do in the program.

4. Click on Exit to close the window.

5. MouseFighter will now be installed on your computer and you can use it without an active mouse.

MouseFighter Settings

The following description is used to give a brief overview of the available settings on the MouseFighter settings page:

1. MouseFighter Settings.

When you open the MouseFighter Settings window, the MouseFighter Settings page will open on the right side of the window. You can easily change the settings in this page by double clicking the menu arrow.

2. Set

You can easily change the MouseFighter settings by double clicking the menu arrow next to the Set menu. This opens up the following menu:

Note: You can also assign hotkeys to your prefered settings by using the keyboard. The list of key combinations for a more detailed description of each key combination, please see the Help page.

Below is a list of the available settings you can change. Please note that you can only change some of the available settings.




Move the mouse cursor by

System Requirements For MouseFIGHTER:

· macOS:
– 10.9.2 or later
– 64-bit Intel processor
– 64-bit PowerPC processor
– 1 GB RAM
– 250 MB free disk space
– 4 GB disk space for installation
– Web browser: Any version of Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Opera
– QuickTime 7 or later (for the slideshow feature)
– Java version 7 or later (for the slideshow feature)
– PDF reader: Any version of Adobe Reader, Xpand Reader, or Acrobat