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Movie Icon Pack 13 is a high-quality set of icons that were designed in order to provide you with a nice selection of original items that can be used for modifying the regular appearance of your dock items.
All the icons that are part of the Movie Icon Pack 13 collection are available in the PNG format. This means that you can use them to give a new look to all your files and folders and any other item listed inside a dock application.









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Icons in this collection are created in high resolution, in the best quality that the design team was able to achieve.

The icons that are available in the package were created by the professional designers from

All the icons are extremely simple in their design and look elegant and modern.

After you use them to modify the regular appearance of your icons, you will be able to see the difference.

So, the icons in this collection are:

A cup of tea
A gun
A wrench
An airplane
An envelope
A flower
An apple
A book
A hand
A sea
An hourglass
A plant
A microscope
A sun
A cell phone
A car
A tree
A fire
A tree, a pen and a lamp
A vase
A tea pot
A desk
A map
A clock
An image
A phone
An email
A hands
A digital clock
A micro
A pencil
A computer
An alarm clock
An egg
A kneaded dough
An egg on a plate
A check
A dollars
An airplane
A fish
A banana
An orange
An apple
A music note
A keyboard
A key
A file
A clip
A folder
A disk
A ribbon
An end
A paper clip
A keys
A diskette
An envelope
A telephone
A table
A knife
A map
A window
A newspaper
A book
A light bulb
An alarm clock
A pointy stick
A meat
A broiler
A bottle of wine
A couch
A container of air
A light bulb
A red star
A tambourine
A blue star
A white star
A music note
A woman holding a vase
A train
A bus
A truck
A car
A plane
A train
A bus
A spaceship
A calculator
A car
A truck
A computer
A motorcycle
A car
A truck
A plane
A rocket
A menu
A computer
A cork
A meat
A tambourine
A black star
A sword
A car
A wine
A file
A calendar
A light bulb
A computer
A key
A keyboard
A cellphone
A wine
A digital clock
A sea
A plant
A flower
A pencil
A watch
A man

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Very realistic icons were designed for you by an artist who has an awesome eye for visual aspects. This collection contains some 699 icons in total, and all of them were designed in a way that your system will recognize them. All the icons are supplied with the correct format to work perfectly with the default macOS icons and with Mac OS X icons.
Icons come in three different sizes – 256×256, 512×512 and 1024×1024, and they are designed with the pixel ratio of 96, 16 and 8 respectively.

The downloaded file will be presented to you by a free Mac application called “Icon Viewer”. In this tool, you can preview and use the icons included with the package, and you can also use them to modify the appearance of your files and folders in all the applications that run inside the Dock.
Each icon that you download is offered as a high-resolution PNG file, which will help you to modify the appearance of your existing files and folders in the dock.Q:

Tcl find command

I have a file with multiple references like so:
file_3 1:1 2:2 3:3 4:4
file_4 1:1 2:2 3:3 4:4

I want to find all occurrences of 4:4 in the file.
This is how far I got:
set flag1 0
set flag2 0
set file [open file.txt] while {[gets $file line] >= 0} {
if {[regexp {(\d+):(\d+)} $line all_tags]} {
set int_1 $all_tags(1)
set int_2 $all_tags(2)
set flags [list $int_1 $int_2] lappend flags [list $all_tags] } else {
set flag1 1
if {$flag1 == 1} {
if {[regexp {(\d+):(\d+)} $line all_tags]} {
set int_1 $all_tags(1)

What’s New in the Movie Icon Pack 13?

The free movie icons are a creative set of items that you can use in order to spice up the appearance of all your dock items in a dock application.

If you use the Movie Icon Pack 13 set of icons, you will be able to create a nice looking dock item that will not make your application any less intuitive and attractive than before.

The free icons are provided in the PNG format and in two sizes that can be used depending on your taste and the quality of the resolution of your monitor.

Every icon that is part of the movie icons collection is in the PNG format, which means that it can be used for any purpose, whether it is for creating a template, a desktop icon or any other type of folder icon or file icon.

When you are using the movie icons in a dock application, it will give your items a new and original look that will make them more pleasing to the eye.

You can download the free icons, set them as a new style for your dock item and let the rest to the good works of Movie Icon Pack 13.

Whether you are a web designer, a graphic artist, a programmer or just want to give your dock a fresh look, you will surely find the icons in the set of Movie Icon Pack 13 to be a great choice.

Icon Pack Utilities Icon Set is a collection of useful applications for any computer user. This set consists of four icons (root, desktop, network and help) and three types of files (html, css and java).

Icon Pack Utilities Icon Set Description:

Icon Pack Utilities Icon Set is a great collection of icons for any type of computer user, whether it is for a desktop, a website, a web page or any type of file that contains the.html,.css files extensions.

The set contains a total of ten icons that are in three different sizes (75×75, 120×120 and 150×150).

This means that you will have enough space for designing a fresh look to any file that you may need in your computer.

The Icon Pack Utilities Icon Set is a wonderful set of icons that will bring some originality to your projects.

The set can be downloaded for free, because it does not include any type of third-party applications. It is only a collection of useful icons that you can use without any restrictions, whether it is for personal use or any other type of use.

The collection is also available in the Windows and Mac platform and it comes in two different sizes (75×75 and 120×120) with high-quality resolutions for any type of computer.

If you are a designer, a web developer or just want to give your computer a brand new look, the Icon Pack Utilities Icon Set is the best choice.

This is a set of six logos, including:

Template Logo – When you need

System Requirements:

– OS: Windows 7/8
– Processor: Intel Core i5 3.0 GHz or better
– Memory: 8 GB RAM
– Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 7800, 8600 or ATI HD 5670
– Hard Drive: 25 GB free
– DirectX: Version 9.0
– Network: Broadband Internet connection
– Sound Card: Audio Interface
– Storage: 300 MB available space
– Keyboard & Mouse: Microsoft Sculpt Comfort (at least 5 buttons)
Dedicated servers are allowed!