Norica NAC 1911 .177 CO2 Air Pistol


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Norica NAC 1911 .177 CO2 Air Pistol

Stock Number: 221029/002

Serial Number: 21A13616

Licence Required: No Licence

Condition: New

Comes with makers hard travel case, owners manual, 5 CO2 air capsules and a pot of 250 Norica pellets


Origin: Spain

Orientation: Right Handed


Trigger: 1

Barrel Length: 0.000

Barrel Length Inches:

Barrel Length Fraction:

Stock Length: 0.000

Stock Length Inches:

Stock Length Fraction:

Weight (Pounds):

Weight (Ounces):

Choke 1:

Choke 2:

Scope Make:

Scope Mag: