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With PUMP-FLO you can select, evaluate and analyze centrifugal pumps from manufacturers’ supplied eCatalogs.
PUMP-FLO allows you to use Design Point search, to size, select and evaluate other pump designs, as well as to search by pump catalog, operation, speed and type.









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Pump-Flo software is a comprehensive pump and piping design solution that helps improve accuracy and efficiency for you. The software produces piping based on mathematical modeling, while allowing you to use standard piping, instrumentation, controls and accessories directly in the pump design.

Version 1.0.58 of PUMP-FLO is available for download in the software archive. Any problem with installation, use or downloading, please contact us.
Version 1.0.58 improves stability, robustness, usability and usability of the software. Design Point search does not show any fields, design point is shown as box with arrow in central field of screen.
When you double click on Design Point, pump selection is shown above. There is no drop down list of pumps, but you can select “Use this design” as pump parameter to enter pump specification, by pump catalog, by manufacturer etc.
Resolution of problem with designer: When you double click on pump, Dialog “Design-Pump settings” to be shown. You can see “Design-Pump settings” button. When you click on it, a dialog will be open and you can select pump manufacturer, pump type, dropdown of gear and number of discharge passages.
Example: when you double click on BTR pump, Dialog “Design-Pump settings” will be shown. You can see “Design-Pump settings” button. When you click on it, a dialog will be open and you can select BTR Gear, BTR 115 Discharge Heads, BTR 500, BTR 1000, BTR 2000, BTR 5000, BTR 1000V, BTR 1500, BTR 2100, BTR 3000.
This is a design point. Now you can modify any parameter by left click on it and change it. When you click on OK button, you can save changes and exit this Dialog.
Pump selection: When you select a pump, it is shown as list box.
Pump selection – Changes in list box: With this selection in list box, when you click on list box mouse, list box will be shown and if you click on list box mouse, list box mouse will be removed.
Pump selection – Click on list box mouse, space and list box mouse will be shown.
The list box mouse is shown when you double click on a pump, in the list box mouse, click on pump symbol.
After double clicking on pump in list box mouse, a dialog with pump specification will

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This easy-to-use software is perfect for designing Pumps and other Agricultural, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Water, Horticulture, Mining and Food equipment. It’s a must-have information tool for managing, calculating and monitoring production equipment.

Features and Benefits:

Multi-view operation – setup and see all pump components, down to sub-components, and the total flow as well as how and at what pressure they are used

Compare pumps – all 12/24 multi-stage pumps from all manufacturers

See which stage is optimized and which is not – select a pump stage and draw the efficiency curve

Combine efficiency and pressure – create a curve showing the pump’s performance, based on the pump’s parameters and how stages are connected

Map pumps – visualize pump performance and efficiency in a map showing the entire plant

Pump database – add pumps and get detailed information including drawings, efficiency and pressure curves, manufacturer and construction parameters

No system restriction – no network connection or license is needed. Most users will only need to pay for the software once, then they can use it on as many machines as they want.

Sub-Component Design – see how individual stages are connected and how they can be combined in a single pipe

Save drawings – or send them to a printer or PDF file.

CNC Technology – generate a 3D-model and simulate flow patterns and pressures in pipes and filters.

Operating Machine – the operating process can be displayed on a pump or a filter, which makes operating the machine easier

This article explains how you can view the operation of the PUMP-FLO pump optimization software on your computer. PUMP-FLO is available for download at www.pumpflo.com. The instructions in this article describe how to use the PumpViewer window and the FlowMap window of PUMP-FLO on a PC running Windows 7.

The FlowMap window

Please be aware of the following before proceeding:

to view the flow paths on the pump selection box, you must make sure that the box is in the “flood” mode, not the “display” mode.

click on the box to expand the bubble and select a flow condition.

click on the “Liquid” tab to see the flow conditions and material properties, and then click on the “Flow” tab to see the flow paths.

Click on the “Step” button to isolate

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PUMP-FLO Specifications:

The Pump-Flo…suggested in the Use and Operating Instructions.


…Do not attempt to adjust valves with…pump-clips or discharge-stop screws. This may result in

…Stainless steel manifold for installation of…bobcats.

…The noise level is rated at 95 dB at the inlet.

…Pump-Flo comes with a 1 year limited warranty on

…stainless steel manifold for installation of…bobcats.

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…Pump-Flo is a…dependent on the amount of volume being pumped. For greater volumes,…

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…Pump-Flo also includes a…center of gravity at the discharge end of the pump.


…The pump-end also is…proportional to the flow through the pump, the smaller…higher flow rate than pump-ends for larger pumps.

…Pump-flo models…designed to withstand pressure up to 4,000 psi.

…Pump-Flo will not damage…bobcats.

…A large pump…only the heavier the head that is attached to the pump….

…Pump-flo Models…will not damage bobbcats.

What’s New In?

Pump-FLO is the simple, yet very powerful, solution for pump calculation and control for engineering, design and production. Pump-FLO allows you to simulate and analyze the performance and efficiency of centrifugal pumps from manufacturers’ supplied eCatalogs and case histories in pump design and operation. This reliable and fast-running system is a must for daily pump design.

Pump-FLO provides you with the ability to calculate and analyze centrifugal pumps in up to three dimensions. Pump-FLO is based on extensive mathematics, physics and fluid flow modeling techniques. The pump analysis presented by Pump-FLO allows you to evaluate all pump components, such as impellers, diaphragms, flow fields, roughness, flow types, impellers, heads, efficiency, power, flow/pressure and more.

Pump-FLO calculations and analysis allow you to perform pump design, optimization, installation, selection and maintenance. You can get all information necessary for pump design, operation and selection based on pump flow/pressure performance curves, efficiency, power and energy consumption.

Pump-FLO is operated by an easy-to-use graphical user interface. It allows you to take multiple input data from one workstation and plot performance curves for a wide range of applications, such as process simulation, process control or process optimization. The user can also take input data from most production units, such as a multi-textured item, a filled container or a filled blender. Pump-FLO allows you to input data directly into a pump operator or speed controller.

Pump-FLO automatically calculates the flow/pressure curve for the pump and reports average performance values and their corresponding standard deviations. In Pump-FLO you can graphically select speed and flow, and produce the corresponding pressure/flow curve. The program can be used to predict optimum pump size, start-up operation parameters, as well as the required flow rate, horsepower and head for critical applications or a given process.

Pump-FLO has a powerful but easy-to-use interface that allows the user to design optimum pump specifications and process controls, optimize operating characteristics, select replacement or retrofit pumps, analyze operating conditions, as well as analyze pump and pump components. All data and graphs can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Pump-FLO has a patented slaving feature, called Pump-FLO-DO, which allows you to import and analyze large pump data sets to determine the

System Requirements For PUMP-FLO:

Windows XP or higher.
1 GHz processor or better.
256 MB RAM.
DirectX 8.0 or higher.
2 GB available hard drive space.
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