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Multimedia items can nowadays be easily accessed through a web browser, since they’re mostly found anywhere on the web. Chances are you want to enjoy some of them even in offline mode, and needless to say that you need an app for that. In case you’re looking for something new, you might want to try out Reggae player.
Load a decent variety of audio files
Just like the name suggests, the application is meant to be easily recognized by reggae enthusiasts, coming with the interface based on the corresponding colors. The overall design is intuitive, with a couple of detachable panels, one of which holds the set of controls, while the other is where you save all tracks.
In terms of file support, the application allows you to add a decent variety, such as WAV, MP3, OGG, RAW, and WMA, as well as M3U playlists in case you already have your songs in order. It’s also possible to add an entire folder through a simple operation, or import audio files from an audio CD. Created playlists can be saved to file for later use.
Create queues and find items with ease
Playback controls consist of basic functions to play, pause, skip through content, adjust volume, but also to shuffle, stop after current, or repeat. You can easily look up items of interest from the playlist with the search function, as well as to add songs to queue in case you want to create a temporary, organized playlist.
During playback, the main window shows either a scope or bars oscilloscope. Unfortunately, the application doesn’t come with any configured hotkeys, nor can you set any, and a multimedia keyboard doesn’t help here either.
On an ending note
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Reggae player isn’t supposed to be used strictly with reggae songs, since it doesn’t come with any dedicated filters, but rather as a complete set of functions for comfortable audio playback.







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Recent changes:
1.1.0 – 00:04:39 – Database updated to 3.0.0 + Support for all audio formats + Reggae player Product Key Features:
1.0.0 – 00:13:28 – Initial release
– Download
– Download
– Reggae player 1.1.0

Before downloading, make sure that your device is capable of playing the files that you’re planning to load.
What’s new:
Fixed some known bugs
Android 2.3.3 or higher

Music collection manager is an application that helps you with the collection, classification, and searching of music files in your device. You can organize and tag your music collection with tags and ratings. You can also import music by changing the default music player. Music collection manager also allows you to play songs with the music player of your choice.
All songs are located in the Gallery. You can copy them to your device and import them via WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, or email.
Highlight songs by star rating
MIDI keyboard/flash
Play music in default player
Import from gallery
Import songs by email
Import to albums
Album search
Album sorting
Album and artist browsing
Upload of songs
Search by artist
Search by song title
In order to keep your music collection up to date, we periodically upload your files to Google Music servers. You can decide how often updates will be performed.
You may disable this service at any time in Settings -> Updates.
If you are using Music Manager for Android, we recommend that you use Music Collection Manager.

Music collection manager is an application that helps you with the collection, classification, and searching of music files in your device. You can organize and tag your music collection with tags and ratings. You can also import music by changing the default music player. Music collection manager also allows you to play songs with the music player of your choice.
All songs are located in the Gallery. You can copy them to your device and

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What’s New In Reggae Player?

Hijinks! (2014)
With comedic aplomb, the filmmaking team behind Free Yourself From The Law take us into the mind of a sicko obsessed with his own vehicle. Check out our review of Hijinks! at:

Creator George Carrick was a pioneering figure in the early days of soap operas.
He later went on to write and direct the original series of Doctor Who, as well as being a producer on the hit British TV series, “Happy Families.”
He was also a novelist, playwright, movie producer and, crucially for our story, a producer of one of the first pornographic TV shows.
According to one of his autobiographies, he looked back on it as a means of paying his dues after the success of Doctor Who.
It was also a means of getting back at the notoriously prudish BBC, which at the time had censored him on several occasions.
As an experiment, he decided to collaborate with the Portuguese radio channel “Dez,” in the early 1970s, as an audio spoof of The Bold and the Beautiful.
Dez gave him the opportunity to experiment with a “fictional soap opera” format, which was popular in the west at the time.
A British paperback bookseller, entitled Uncut Books, was selling a book entitled “The Life and Times of William Hartnell” by Terry Lloyd.
There was a picture of the Doctor on the cover, underneath the title and author.
Carrick told an interviewer that he had been reading the book in a plane and had been struck by the similarity of the writing style to that of William Hartnell.
Moreover, the narrative was engaging, and it had a few good lines.
He sent a message to the bookseller, telling him that he was working on a similar idea, and that he was interested in publishing it.
The bookseller told him that he was busy at the moment, but he asked his manager to find out more details.
Carrick told the same interviewer that it took a year or so, but eventually he was offered the chance to pitch his idea to BBC Head of Drama, Ian Trethowan.
The pitch worked, and the result was The Newcomers.
The Newcomers was an experiment to test the viability of a soap opera in audio format.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP3 with DirectX 9.0 or higher and Intel Core 2 Duo T5650 / AMD Phenom II X3 645 or faster processors
OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 with DirectX 10 or higher and Intel Core i5 or AMD Athlon X4 845 or faster processors
2.0 GHz or higher (can be overclocked)
3 GB or more RAM
1 GB DirectX 9.