Shotgun Certificate Applications

Getting a shot gun licence is a relative straight forward procedure, as long as you don’t have a criminal record. Minor offences and driving offences are normally not a problem but you must declare these on the Shotgun Certificate Applications, honesty is the best policy here.

We would suggest a course in shooting skill and competence which will teach you how to shoot simple targets and the safety aspects of handling a shotgun. once deemed competent we will issue you with a certificate stating that you have completed our course. This can be sent in with your application.

The police will be vetting you from a safety point of view and you have to demonstrate you are responsible and competent to own and store a firearm. You will be solely responsible for your weapons safety and use and must read all the rules given by the police force on storage and use. A suitable cabinet will have to be present on the premises you wish to store the shotgun, locked by 2 separate keys and bolted to a sound brick wall to prevent removal in the case of a burglary. While travelling with your gun you must take all reasonable precautions to stop theft or incapacitate the firearm in the event of a burglary.

We will help explain the procedure and complete the Shotgun Certificate application forms. Finally putting you in touch the the officials that will vet your application and if successful gain your licence.

Here at Mickley we offer a Licence Compliance Package – £225

  • 5 lessons covering safety, gun handling, shooting skills & etiquette.
  • Licence Application
  • Course completion certificate and covering letter.

Although we cannot guarantee a successful application result this will demonstrate to the authorities you are competent at the basics of owning a shotgun.

NB : A Criminal Record must be declared on application.

Download shotgun_certificate_form_103 here

For further information please call 0800 772 0058.