Gun Fit

Does your gun fit ?

REMEMBER – Gun fitting is the most important part for any serious clay or game shooter.

Gun fitting is available with any of the team, book yours today. If you wish to have a gun fitting then please book a session with Scott or John at £25 an hour.

You can contact us on 0800 772 0058


Most people just pick up a shotgun off the rack in their local gunshop and after a bit of waving about decide its the one for them. The decision generally has already been made because they want a “Beretta xyz”. The fit will may be relatively ok, but for the sake of a few more pounds it is worth while having it fitted and patterned to establish where it really shoots for you.

Your going to spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds shooting with the chosen shotgun, no matter what anybody says about it just being a bit of fun, hitting the targets definitely increases your enjoyment. Ask any good shot about gunfit and I am sure they will wax lyrical about the subject.

What often happens is people adapt to their gun and make it fit them. Shotgun shooting is instinctive and this means that whilst careful aim will hit some targets, the more a person shoots as they should, by instinct the more the gun will naturally take up the position as part of the shooters body posture. So if the guns fits shooting high. the shot will go high etc.

Initially we will ask you to mount into the shoulder so any obvious ill-fitting components can be noted, and then the instructor will look directly down the barrels to check the cast. This process is repeated until the instructor is happy with the initial fit. Once the instructor is happy that the adjustments appear to suit the individual in a dry-mounting scenario, you can then expect to head out to the ground and to the pattern plate.

By taking it out on the range and testing it on the pattern plate we will discover where your gun shoots and therefore how it needs to be adjusted to fit you. We may stick bits of foam and padding on to the gun or if you already have an adjustable stock we can alter this. You will end up with a tool that hits the pattern plate correctly and more importantly moving targets. Money well spent.

You can now take the resulting prototype to a competent gunsmith who will measure your gun with our adjustments and then re-fashion the stock to fit. The work completed by the gunsmith may cost more than you expect but for a couple of hundred pounds you will have a shotgun that shoots where you look.

Now you can concentrate on your shooting and we have more often than not seen immediate improvements in kill ratios. You may have a gun that fits already but are you sure ?