Sporting Clays Mickley Hall

Sporting Clays

One of the most popular disciplines for clay pigeon shooting. It was first developed to simulate the unpredictability of live quarry shooting. Sporting provides the opportunity to really challenge yourself with its various target types, which can all be altered by trajectory, angle, speed, elevation, distance and target size, this makes it one of the best disciplines of shooting as you will never get two targets that are the same. 

The Course

Consisting of 50, 75 or a 100 targets on a typical sporting course, although some of the major courses have started to set up 120, 150 or even 200 targets for the ultimate challenge. The number of stands generally ranges from 9 to 20 and will provide 3, 4 or 5 pairs of birds.

Targets can be set one of three ways, singles, is exactly what it sounds like, a single bird. On report which is one bird followed by another, the second bird is sent once you have shot the first bird. And finally a simultaneous pair, known as a simo, where both birds are sent at the same time. The trick being deciding which to shoot first.

Types of Birds

  • Rabbits - These roll across the floor, but be warned these birds can be very deceptive. 
  • Driven - These are sent over you, to simulate how a pheasant or partridge would fly, usually alot quicker.
  • Teal - These are shot straight up from the floor, usually at break neck speed.
  • Incomers - Sent from various distances these represent pigeons.
  • Crossers - Sent from left or right at varying speeds and trajectories.


There are a variety of clays, which all differ in size and weight, which can have a huge impact on what the bird does in the air.

  • Standard - 110mm in diameter
  • Midi - 90mm in diameter
  • Mini - 60mm in diameter

Here at Mickley Hall we love to challenge all levels of shooters, from novice to expert. Which is why we regularly change our targets, so you can get the most of of your shooting experience. Our layout boasts minis, midis, battues, rabbits, driven and many more targets. All set in our undercover stands with automatic traps. So know matter what the weather you can enjoy your clay pigeon shooting experience.

We provide excellent value for money for practicing your clay pigeon shooting. 

  • 25 Clays - £8.25
  • 50 Clays - £16.50
  • 100 Clays - £33.00

Or if you are a regular shooter why not join our membership scheme, which offers further discounts.

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