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Many people use SQL databases for a variety of different tasks, storing all manner of information on them, much of which is important. SqlBackupFree is an application that allows users to automate a backup process for an SQL database, automatically extracting the information, compressing it to a zip and sending it a specific destination.
A very compact interface that manages to display all the relevant features on the main page
Given that the subject matter of SqlBackupFree is actually quite complicated, it manages to have all the main information in a small window that doesn’t require tabs or enlargement to fit everything. Users can fully set up the backup process without having switch between different, confusing areas or getting lost in complicated menus.
The window is not expandable which might be a slight issue for some, yet the program doesn't particularly need it. Enlarging the application be purely aesthetic since everything already fits on the main screen, there is an options window, but that operates in the same way. One large window with no tabs or different areas.
An impressive array of features, backed up by very useful, detailed settings
Each one of the main features provides its most obvious settings displayed immediately under it. The local folder/network, FTP server, email confirmations and schedule options can all be customized with ease, then adjusted to suit specific needs.
While the application is clearly going for the most simplistic and user friendly display possible, the advanced nature of SqlBackupFree means it is impossible not to have some options. The available settings are mainly to do with destination folders, maximum transfer sizes and timeout settings, yet there are additional options like the zip compression level.
A robust application that manages to present itself in a straightforward and user friendly manner
All in all, SqlBackupFree is a very solid choice for anyone worried about their SQL security. The program provides users with multiple ways to backup their database, to automate and schedule it for a convenient time, then have it sent to a safe place of their choosing. SqlBackupFree is easy to recommend and provides very little to complain about.







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What’s New In SqlBackupFree?

Connect to your SQL database server and backup your data automatically. One single download and it’s ready to use. Create scheduled backups that are easy to use and can be sent to different locations. Drag and drop and execute SQL queries in the SQL Query window.
Main Features:
* Connect to your SQL database server and backup your data automatically.
* Create scheduled backups that are easy to use and can be sent to different locations.
* Drag and drop and execute SQL queries in the SQL Query window.
* (SQL Server) Connects to SQL Server databases, backed up by a third-party tool.
* (SQLite) Works with SQLite databases.
* (MySQL) Supports MySQL and MariaDB databases.
* (Oracle) Works with Oracle databases.
* (PostgreSQL) Supports PostgreSQL databases.
* (SqlServerCE) Compatible with SQL Server Compact Edition.
* (SqlServer) Compatible with SQL Server databases.
* (SqlServer2005) Supports SQL Server 2005 databases.
* (SqlServer2008) Supports SQL Server 2008 databases.
* (SqlServer2008R2) Supports SQL Server 2008 R2 databases.
* (SqlServer2012) Supports SQL Server 2012 databases.
* (SqlServer2014) Supports SQL Server 2014 databases.
* (SqlServer2014SP2) Supports SQL Server 2014 SP2 databases.
* (SqlServer2016) Supports SQL Server 2016 databases.
* (MySQLServer) Compatible with MySQL databases.
* (MariaDb) Supports MariaDB databases.
* (MySQLServer) Supports MySql databases.
* (MysqlServer) Supports MySql databases.
* (Sqlite3) Works with SQLite3 databases.
* (Sqlite3Server) Supports SQLite3 databases.
* (Firebird) Supports Firebird databases.
* (OracleDatabase) Supports Oracle databases.
* (MySqlDatabase) Supports MySql databases.
* (OracleDatabaseServer) Supports Oracle databases.
* (OracleDatabaseServer2008) Supports Oracle databases 2008.
* (OracleDatabaseServer2010) Supports Oracle databases 2010.
* (SqlAzureDatabase) Supports SQL Azure databases.
* (SqlAzureDatabaseServer) Supports SQL Azure databases.
* (SqlAzureDatabaseServer2008) Supports SQL Azure databases 2008.
* (SqlAzureDatabaseServer2012) Supports SQL Azure databases 2012.
* (SqlAzureDatabaseServer2014) Supports SQL Azure databases 2014.
* (SqlAzureDatabaseServer2016) Supports SQL Azure databases 2016.
* (SqlAzureDatabaseServer2017) Supports SQL Azure databases 2017.
* (SqlAzureDatabaseServer) Supports SQL Azure databases.
* (SQLAzureDatabaseServer) Supports

System Requirements For SqlBackupFree:

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4300, AMD Athlon II x2 Dual Core QL 46x, AMD Phenom II x4 920, 2.4 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard disk space: 500 MB free space
Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card with Shader Model 3.0 support
Video: 128 MB video RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Recommended System Requirements: