Mickley Hall Summer Series

Our Summer Series starts in March and goes through until September, with a Grand Final at the end.

To qualify for the final you will need 10 scores.

Format: English Sporting

Targets: 50

Price per shoot: £17.00

Classes: AAA/AA/A/B/C/D/E/Ladies/Juniors


Latest Scores

T's & C's and Rules:

  • Mickley Hall Shooting School has the right to change any dates and prizes at any time.
  • NO cartridges heavier than 28 gram to be used for the series. Plastic OR Fibre wad cartridge are allowed.
  • Anybody seen to be CHEATING at any point will be disqualified from the series.
  • Mark/score yourselves - minimum of 3 people in a group.
  • Classifications for the shooters of the previous years will be done on your 10 shoot average from last year.
  • New shooters to the series for 2023, classification will be done over 8 shoots and then you will be given a class.
  • A member of Mickley Hall staff must be present to verify scores on the day of the final.
  • More than one card IS allowed on the day of the final, BUT only the first card will count towards the prizes.
  • Only one PRIZE per person.