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VM Explorer is simple but powerful software to backup and restore your VMWare ESX Virtual Machines (VM). In addition, it helps you to migrate, copy and clone Virtual Machines between your ESX servers.
Backups can be stored on ESX, Windows, Linux and FreeBSD based storage platforms or directly to a SAN. VM Explorer has only to be licenced once for your infrastructure, you don’t have to pay any fees per ESX Server, CPU, or anything similar.
Trilead VM Explorer is a powerful yet easy to use solution dedicated to managing your backups and enabling fast recovery.







Trilead VM Explorer Crack

Includes following features:
Create backups at different levels
Generate virtual disks directly from backups
Create a snapshot from a virtual machine directly from the backup
Export the configuration from a virtual machine
Import configuration from an ESX server
Restore a virtual machine from a backup
Export a VM to OVA
Export a VM to VMDK
Restore a VM from the OVA file
Restore a VM from VMDK
Connect remote ESX server with TLS
Export and import VM network configuration
Backup and restore VM snapshots
Export and import SQL databases
Restore a VM from a VMDK file
Export a VM to VMDK
Restore a VM from the VMDK file
Create a new virtual machine from a virtual disk
Create a virtual machine from a VMDK or an OVA file
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Trilead VM Explorer License Key

– Easy to use GUI manager
– Select and backup Hypervisors and Servers
– Executes backups on a remote server
– Restore and migrate Hypervisors and Servers
– Full SQL database for configuration, scheduling, restore and backup
– E-mail notifications
– Full BSD compatibility
– Unlimited number of backup and restore operations
This program will work with ESX v3.5.
Other ESX v3.5 compatible products :
– RescueShare Lite
– BackupExec
– Backup Suite
– Zero-Paid Backup
You don’t have to deploy any ESX Server agent (update) or virtual appliance with this tool.
Installation :

Download here :

Buy v3 licences, individual and site licences on this store :

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Trilead VM Explorer Activation Code With Keygen Free

Download the free trial version of Trilead Vm Explorer and you will see how easy it is to backup and restore your Virtual Machine.
The backup module can back up the configuration and content of a Virtual Machine but it does not back up the metadata that defines the Virtual Machine, this means that every time you backup your Virtual Machine, you have to go in the Settings tab and select your Platform and Configure and again for each of your disk.
The restore module is only required when you want to make a copy of your Virtual Machine and share it with other users.
Unlike the backup module, the restore module back up the Virtual Machine metadata. The backup of the configuration can be as easy as selecting a Storage Method and a Target Storage Path.
When you want to restore a Virtual Machine, you will see all the options you need to restore your Virtual Machine: the storage and the configuration.
You will have also the option to recover the deleted content of the Virtual Machine or even create a clone.
When you run the restore module, you will be able to define an automatic or manual restore.
The migration module allows you to move your content (configuration and content) of a Virtual Machine between multiple servers.
Why do you need Trilead Vm Explorer?
There are so many solutions to manage a Virtual Machine either you need to control a lot of events or you need a user-friendly GUI. Vm Explorer is just what you need. It’s your backup and restore solution.
You are going to save time when you will be able to customize your backup process.
With Trilead Vm Explorer, you will not find a solution that’s as simple and easy to use as Vm Explorer.
You can choose between the following different backup methods:
– First images
– On-access backups
– Backup/restore file
– Configuration and content
– Summary or backup file
– Disk image
– Host backups
– Full or incremental backup
– Auto or manual image restore
– Image and content restore
You can see a detailed analysis of your storage system and select the adequate backup method.
You can use the Migration module to back up or restore any Virtual Machine.
You can create backups and also restore a Virtual Machine from any other VM Explorer.
You can restore an image from a file or a folder and you can create a clone of the Virtual Machine.
You can schedule tasks to be performed at a specific date and time.
You can edit the recovery options of

What’s New In?

– Support to backup a virtual machine with the snapshot functionnality (command line, shell scripts and other scripting languages).
– Support to restore a virtual machine from an image (.vmdk file) or a byte level image (.vdi file)
– Support to restore a virtual machine within a server with command line and shell scripts
– Easier backup/restore of virtual machines with full server system integration
– Backup virtual machine by logging mode without privileges

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VMware vSphere Configuration with Data Protection function is a solution designed for VMware vSphere users. It provides the highest levels of hardware and software virtualization.It includes the vSphere Data Protection component, Virtual Machine Interoperability Toolkit (VM-VIT), as well as the VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP) Appliance.

VMware vSphere Thin-Clients is a solution designed for VMware vSphere end-user and management. The vSphere Thin Client is a client for viewing, managing and administering virtual machines from a desktop or thin client.

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System Requirements For Trilead VM Explorer:

OS: Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista (SP1); Windows 7 or Windows 8 (SP1) or Windows 8.1 (SP1)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or better
Memory: 512 MB of RAM
Hard Disk: 1 GB
Video Card: DirectX 8.0
DirectX: Version 9.0 or greater