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UNVEIL is an audio plugin developed for music producers and DJs that can be used to boost or attenuate reverb components found in a mixed signal.
Based on MAP technology, Mixed-Signal Audio Processing, the plugin enables you to fix unusable location audio and dialog, as well as remove “mud” from musical signals.







UNVEIL 1.7.6 Free [Win/Mac]

Create a Plug-in that Add subtle Ambience in the background
Get that beautiful reverb effect in the mix
The main feature of UNVEIL is the ability to act as a real-time parametric EQ. Unlike the standard eq settings found in most DAWs, UNVEIL is used to boost and/or attenuate musical content in real time, compared to the original source.
A configurable graph allows you to understand and manipulate the musical content. The content that is available to be boosted or attenuated is determined by a three dimensional matrix composed of six equalizers each capable of adjusting the various frequency bands in an audio file.
A crossfade mode allows you to see how the effect can be used on different parts of the mix. This makes it easy to apply the tool where you need it.
UNVEIL has a major advantage over other eq plugins: it can be configured by audio professionals without having to spend days tweaking each setting.
The way UNVEIL works is very simple. You start by choosing an audio track, and placing a small blue box over the area of the audio where you want the effect to occur, then adjust the value in the graph. As you do this, the graph will jump in real time to the spectrum of the audio where you placed the cursor.
Selections are saved as a session between applications.
Once the selected tracks have the desired amount of boost and/or attenuation you can move on to the next track.
Each function in UNVEIL can be adjusted by listening to the audio and tweaking the various parameters to obtain the desired effect.
To review the session you can reset or save the session by pressing the “Save” or “Update” button, respectively.
UNVEIL is a very versatile plugin, and can be used in any context you can think of, like:
-Presets for live performance.
-Re-Eqing instruments to add variety to songs.
-Fixing unusable dialog from a mix.
-Sound reinforcement.
-To open space in an audio file.
-Amplify or De-amplify specific frequency bands.
You can download UNVEIL FREE for the following platforms:
• Windows XP or higher
• MAC OS X 10.5 or higher
• Linux Suse, Redhat, CentOS, SLES and others
• Smartphone Android and BlackBerry OS
• Songbird® enabled devices like the Blackberry and iPad
• FL Studio

UNVEIL 1.7.6 Crack + With Keygen

The multi-stage process includes shaping filters in each stage, and two parallel FIR paths for each stage, this opens up the possibilities to shape the impulse responses time and frequency domain.
The first stage is for visualisation and allows to display the impulse response of any signal in-phase and out-of-phase. The second stage of the process allows for fine-tuning the feedback filter settings. Both stages of the process help the user to quickly and easily achieve what might take hours of hand-tuning.
A stereo pair of impulse responses can be saved as a SRT file format, allowing for flexibility of the process.

* Design and create up to 8 impulse responses
* Simple to use interface allows to create and save impulse responses
* Process mixed audio signals in a single-pass
* Adjustable frequency range to process from dry to heavily reverb signals
* Stereo functionality to process in- and out-of-phase impulses response pairs
* Audio file format (.wav and.aiff) support
* Algorithms computes dry, processed and reverb impulse responses
* Based on MAP (Mixed-Signal Audio Processing) technology

Coefficient data encryption technologies are covered by 2 US patents:
– US No. 6,389,903 B1 (functionality of the software)
– US No. 6,879,084 B1 (functionality of the hardware interface)

* See documentation for plugin for more details

* Plugin supports Windows and MacOS systems
* Plugin developer can use the java class directly, or can edit any of the external java classes, but the source must be available to the public, read in the documentation

Third-Party Framework
* See Plugins & Add-ons forum for more information

* Download the plugin as zip or.wim from the download page
* In order to install the plugin, run the setup.exe (Windows) or installer.pkg (MacOS)
* The setup.exe will automatically extract the plugin into the application folder
* Drag and drop the plugin onto the Plugins & Add-ons window
* In the Settings window, you can change the impulse response and label the configured impulse response
* The file NONE will be used as input and as output, if one is not selected
* Specify a location and file name for the impulse response file

UNVEIL 1.7.6 Crack +

– In its simplest form, UNVEIL acts as a “recording monitor” – an instrument that lets you confirm the cleanliness of the recorded material.
– UNVEIL is a filter that can boost or attenuate reverb components found in a mixed signal.
– UNVEIL can be used to fix unusable location audio and dialog, and also to remove “mud” from musical signals.
– This is the same technology used in the industry-standard Sony® FoamZ™ Noise Reduction Mic
– UNVEIL is a dynamic EQ/Reverb plugin, easy to use
– UNVEIL’s powerful, reverb sensitive algorithm is based on dynamic EQ – technology developed by Sontec
– UNVEIL’s signal is high-resolution audio, with 16-bit/44.1 kHz support
– UNVEIL’s unique “boost” and “attenuate” tools offer multiple selectable curve shapes, allowing you to shape how UNVEIL responds to the incoming audio signal
– UNVEIL’s signal passes through a frequency-based processing chain, which means that each frequency band is processed individually
– UNVEIL’s algorithms are able to operate in a dynamic, real-time environment
– UNVEIL has three modes of operation: “boost”, “attenuate” and “decrease”.
– UNVEIL’s “boost” is effective when the captured audio signal has more reverb than the original audio.
– UNVEIL’s “attenuate” mode helps you eliminate unwanted reverb from a saturated signal.
– UNVEIL’s “decrease” mode helps you decrease the overall amount of reverb in a noisy environment.
– UNVEIL’s curves can be manually adapted or adapted in real-time by an automation plug-in
– UNVEIL also offers a dedicated automation plug-in, including “scrubber” and “reverse”, meaning you can increase or decrease UNVEIL’s reverb from within a mix
– UNVEIL is compatible with all major plugins, operating systems and DAW software
– UNVEIL requires at least a Free version of the Adobe Audition software for Mac or PC.
– UNVEIL requires at least a Free version of the Adobe Audition software for Windows.
– UNVEIL requires at least a Free version of the Cubase software for Mac or PC.
– UNVEIL requires at least a Free version of the Cubase software for Windows.

What’s New In UNVEIL?

UNVEIL is an audio plugin developed for music producers and DJs that can be used to boost or attenuate reverb components found in a mixed signal.
Based on MAP technology, Mixed-Signal Audio Processing, the plugin enables you to fix unusable location audio and dialog, as well as remove “mud” from musical signals.
UNVEIL Summary:
– IMPROVE dialog, ambience and presence
– REMOVE mud
– IMPROVED dialog and ambience dynamics
– IMPROVED reverb effect
– IMPROVED dynamics
– IMPROVED coloration and saturation
UNVEIL Specifications:
– Windows PC ONLY
– v1.1.1

Other Requirements:

UNVEIL has been tested with the following Windows versions:

Windows XP SP2
Windows Vista SP1
Windows 7 SP1
Windows 8


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 (64-bit)
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Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or higher, AMD Radeon HD 2600 or higher
Storage: 50 GB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Controller: Keyboard and Mouse
Web browser: Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or higher
Internet Connection:
In order to play, you must have a reliable internet connection.